Where should I put my spider wood? (Hardscape ideas)


Hey, my rocks came in today and I’m trying to work with what I have for decorating. It’s a 75 gallon cichlid tank so im
Not sure what to do with plants since I have Cichlids
I have this piece of spider wood that just doesn’t seem to fit in with the tank, even though the whole tank isn’t really put together.

where would you put the spider wood and what would you move around?

Also anyone with cichlids, I’m keeping some of the decor since they really like it or have their own homes in certain things, is it best to keep it in or can I take it out? Like the 3 hole rock thing on the right and the big bulky rock thing of the left



I personally would choose one kind of rock and get a little more then use the wood in a weird angle like it's coming out of the rocks or spilling over the top
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Yeah, the rocks are kinda mixmatch rn which isn’t a good look, yeah I just dokt know if the spiderwood fits with the look or not. Maybe if I get more rock and some more drift wood and make it just those two things in my tank. I can made little caves with rock.
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