Where Should I Put My Old Betta Help

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by SlugLady, Jun 17, 2018.


Should I move my older betta away from my bed

  1. move

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  2. dont move

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  1. SlugLadyNew MemberMember

    Ok so my male betta, Dusty, is over a year old. And his age is showing. He still has energy and a healthy appetite so Im not too worried. But his body is dull and tattered and he definatly has more interest in sleeping then literally anything else. I've taken all of the normal procautions for aging bettas.

    Thats not the the problem.

    See, Dusty's tank is next to my bed. Lately when i wiggle my finger, he flares at me (he always had. its his thing) but then goes back to his bed or moves to hide/sleep elsewhere. Then he ignores me until i feed him. He's even sleeping where i cant see him.

    So. I wonder if he would be better off somewhere else in my room so im not disturbing him with my phone and music or such. But i also worry if it would be too much of a change and that, maybe, he LIKES having some kinda company nearby. Even if he just hears me and doesnt look at me.

    Basically, I'm stuck and want some advice please? Move or dont move?

    Honestly, not being able to see him or play with him makes me lonely and i have a younger betta I can put by my bed instead. But I want to make the choice best for Dusty
  2. bryangarWell Known MemberMember

    Honestly, I doubt dusty cares where you put him. If you feel like you should move him and place a new betta there, then do it.

    Maybe move him but change up his tank set-up to allow him to explore his tank. Add plants or things he can go in and out of.
  3. SlugLadyNew MemberMember

    Yeah his set up is all changed. He's not my first old betta. But the last one died from illnesss. Ive... never dealt with watching a betta GET old.
  4. SlugLadyNew MemberMember

    sorry missunderstood you. Yeah im getting him more plants. His waterchange is today so im changing a few things around
  5. BettaNationValued MemberMember

    As stated above, it doesn't really matter where you put him. As long as it's not in direct sunlight which can heat up the water if it's a tank on the smaller side and inhibite a alagae bloom as well. And a given is making sure the place that will be holding the tank will be sturdy enough to support it. And changing around decor is good because it gives the betta something new to look at and it's like being in a whole new area to explore. Live plants are the best but soft silk plants will be good too. Live plants just help oxygenate the air as well but bettas don't have much issue with that I suppose

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