Where Should I Purchase My Oscar Cichlid?

  1. SplendidBettas

    SplendidBettas Valued Member Member

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to add a new Oscar to my tank. I was just wondering in your opinion, would you try to find a juvenile or an Oscar already with some size to it? I'm also wondering where I should look for an Oscar. I've had no experience ordering from online, so if anyone knows any good sites, that would be helpful. Also, I'm sick of big chain stores, so I probably won't be going to one. The lfs near me isn't very good, but I'd be willing to travel to one further away. Thanks!
  2. Demeter

    Demeter Well Known Member Member

    I see many larger oscars, among other large fish, at locally owned pet stores. Seems there's a ton of people out there who buy them as babies, not realizing they grow to foot long monsters, and then giving them to the LPS.
  3. OP

    SplendidBettas Valued Member Member

    Poor fishies. I think I'll go check out one of the lfs a bit further away, they have good reviews and hopefully I can help give some Oscar a second chance