Where do you store your extra accessories etc?

Where do you store your extra aquarium gear?

  • Neatly in my fish cupboard :)

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  • Here there and everywhere!

    Votes: 42 36.2%
  • Pfft I don't have any. I use extra fake plants as an excuse to go buy a new 200L.

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • In my sock drawer, where else?

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • In my wardrobe. Who needs clothes?

    Votes: 3 2.6%
  • In carefully organised and labelled containers, stored in order.

    Votes: 5 4.3%

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I keep my chemicals in a bucket with a lid under my tank in my bedroom, I keep my 4 gravel vacs, 6 nets, 1hose, 3buckets and water conditioner outside tucked in a corner made by a tank and a cabinet. I keep the spare rocks and airpumps/filters in the drawer of the outdoor cabinet. Oh, and some driftwood. In my wardrobe I have a precarious tower of shoe boxes and gravel buckets stuffed with fake plants, air stones, ornaments, tubing, small globe replacements. Andd.... again in the wadrobe above my little chest of drawers I have 3 empty tanks :3

If I wasn't so slack I could easily convert 2 of my stands into storage, but oh well.

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I keep all my fish stuff under my stand or in a container in my laundry room.

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I keep my q tank under the main tank on the bottom shelf of my stand, and two ornaments ont either side, then behind the stand, ( since its in the corner and I thought I would make the most of it), there is a 6 inch net, 2 gallon tank, extra air pump, filter, and heater. I keep all the testing kits in the pantry, the prime and fish food is on top of the tank with a 3 inch net hanging on the back of the tank.
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I keep them all in the big bucket I use to do water changes, which sits in the garage.
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I've got three different supply cupboards, but I also keep frogs, salamanders, geckos, and birds, on top of fish.
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I chose fish cupboard, but that really means a big blue rubber-maid in the storage closed off of my apartments deck, on top of the rubber-maid holding my Christmas decorations. Figured cupboard was the closest answer to that


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I just got a fish tank stand built with 3 shelves. It's all in there with cleaning equipment in the bucket on the bottom shelf. Except my fry grow out tank which is a big plastic box. It's in the spare room gathering dust
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I keep my stuff in plastic bins and also empty tanks.
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I keep all my supplies under the fish stand
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I don't really have a place for them, usually there everywhere in my room because I'm always working with somthing. but on cleaning days there all on shelf or in abucket.



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I have a stand with 4 cells.

in two I have nothing, in one I have a tub which contains all my spare equipment/books/decorations/filter media/any other dry stuff I have

in another one I keep all of my water change instruments in a bucket, inside the tub.

And I keep prime next to the tap where I fill it up... My mum complains about it too
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I keep mine in an empty 5 gallon bucket with lid and under my aquarium cabinet,..still seems like I need more room
Mikey Doodle
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The last option, but not by personal choice. I'm not someone who likes to see everything in neat rows etc, but my partner is a little OCD about these things. If I DARE to make a mess he's there within a minute to put everything right! lol... Not that I leave things out on purpose or anything
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Good morning,

Kloseo there is never enough room

My tank stands are all full. Each tank has it's own equipment. Even my 265g 7 foot stand is full. A good portion of it being taken up with the wet/dry filter. I also bye my chemicals by the gallon so these jugs take up a good bit of room too.

I also have a treasure chest my brother made for me by hand. I love it! What a nice gift too.



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non of the above, Things that may get wet I store in a bucket that I hide under the coffea table next to my tanks and dry goods like pads and other acc I keep in a large cardboard box in my basement.
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Ken that chest looks so good. Your brother does some fine work.
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Thanks FishingMan.

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its beautiful Ken. What a blessing, I bet that chest goes perfect with the room theme.

I keep my stuff scattered throughout the entire house haha


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I'm a here, there, everywhere keeper. I have buckets & a gravel vac in my laundry closet, nets, filter supply, and spare heaters under my kitchen sink, water treatment, meds, & water testers by the microwave in a storage deal, and fish food on top of each aquarium.
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Thanks JetaJockey!

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I have a dedicated closet in the basement where I store all my stuff.


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Since I'm a new fishkeeper and only have two tanks I haven't had time to accumulate all the fish stuff you other long time fishkeepers have lol. So all my stuff currently fits in my fish cubbord under my fish. I'm trying to get my hubby to put a shelf in it to make it a bit more organized. I am a little OCD about things looking messy-tho I'm not a clean freak necessarily. As long as it's an organized mess I'm ok haha.
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I picked wardrobe I keep most of my stuff in my closet and in my tank stand and ina 30 gallon tank and everywhere
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right now its here there and all over the place. there's the extra drifft wood in the trunk of my gfs car. there a bag of radom suff I had at my parents still in my car. a cupple of tanks in the closet with a bucket of graval under and in the empty 55. oh and there's the 5 draw storage rack inbetween the tanks to. think that's about it.

ps and the hallway closet
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Most of it is in the cuboard in the stand, but what I can't shove in there gets it's home under my bed, in the closet, under the table, in the DVD storage cabinet...


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I'd have to vote for three things because I use neatly labeled, sealable, stackable containers that are stored in my fish cupboard & I use wardrobes in the garage. Each container has accessories for each individual tank. Rocks are stored in a huge pile on my concrete patio & covered with a poly tarp. Other hard decor items are stored in a couple of very large shelfless wardrobes kept in the garage. Food & test kits are kept in their own special little cupboard that is right beside the tanks.
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All of our fish tanks have stands with shelving on the inside to store all of our equipment. The only things that tend to stay outside of that are hanging nets on the handles of the tank stands (for easy access, as they tend to get buried under everything else otherwise) and the pots/buckets for water changes are kept in random corners of the house and on top of the fridge.

Sometimes the food and water testing supplies get left on the kitchen table. Whoops?
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I have 3 boxes, 1 is chemicals, cups, salt, ect. The second is acessories I'm not using, rock, fake plants, cute little ornaments and the last one has random stuff in it, substrate, hose, you name it.

Plus I keep stuff in all my stands, and in cupboards, and quite frequently on the hood of
My tanks, in the chair beside it, and sometimes on the floor. :3

Kloseo there is never enough room

I hear ya on that one! A few more boxes wouldn't hurt anything.
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Did anyone notice how old this thread is? How is it still open?


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Dunno. :3 was on the recent posts when I found it. ?
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I keep most everything in my stands, when they are put away. My 30 gallon stand has a cabinet underneath, and my 75 gallon stand is actually an entertainment center. The 75 gallon stand has very nice shelf space.
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I keep my fish food near my tanks,my gravel vac in a rubermaid tub, extra filter and media and dechlorinators in the door of my 29g.
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All under the tanks in the stands. My Pythons get hung up in my basement.


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I have one aquarium stand that has a cupboard with shelves under it. I keep some supplies in a basket so I can pull the whole thing out at once. Then I bought two of those plastic sets of 4 drawers and keep all testing equipment, fish food, nets, toothbrushes used for cleaning decorations, all fish medications and water treatments. My husband drilled holes in a piece of wood that holds all of my test tubes upright in it. I can carry it to the 5 tanks and fill with tank water and carry it to where I do my API liquid testing, also stored in these cabinets. I have different ways of identifying the bottles that belong to each tank (nail polish) so I don't carry disease from one to the other. I have the bigger things--rocks/crushed coral, etc. in the garage on a shelf with bigger items for the tanks. I have a patio box outside the back door that holds all of my buckets used for water changes and carrying water.

Other ways I keep from contaminating tanks are a siphon, a net, and a turkey baster for each one. I use one bucket and plastic bags to put decorations in order to scrub them up using water change water, then I can toss the plastic bag and not contaminate the bucket. This all entails lots of storage space.
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it is a Poll and still active with no resoution

Did anyone notice how old this thread is? How is it still open?

Still interesting
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I have been wondering how my name is listed as answering this post with a date in early May as opposed to actually providing input on March 31st. A system glitch??? It just all of a sudden popped up again.
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I have been wondering how my name is listed as answering this post with a date in early May as opposed to actually providing input on March 31st. A system glitch??? It just all of a sudden popped up again.

It's not a glitch.

When someone votes (even if they don't comment) the thread is moved to the top just like any thread.
You are listed as the last poster because, well, you were the last one who posted. lol

Did anyone notice how old this thread is? How is it still open?

When people create polls they can choose when the poll closes.

Sometimes the mods will close a poll. However, when they can be of interest for a long time, we will keep them open.


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I have a storage tower that consists of five bins; one for each tank. I also have a QT tank stored inside all of my tank cabinets.
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It's still open because I started it and I'm JUST THAT AWESOME.

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