Where Did My Post Go?

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Have you ever made a post or started a thread and couldn't find it?
Maybe you posted in the wrong forum or unintentionally hi-jacked someone thread.

These things happen with new member who aren't familiar with message boards and even established members who weren't too sure where to ask a question.

There are times when the Mods move questions to their own threads or to the proper forum.
When possible, we will contact you and let you know something has been moved. However, that's not always possible.

So, where did your post go and how do you find it?
There are a few ways.

Starting on the main forum page on the menu bar click on Find Threads.
You see a drop down menu

Find post 2.jpg

On the menu bar at the top right of the page click Your Name.
You'll see a drop down menu.
Click on Your Content to find all your posts and threads.
Find post.jpg

If you only want to the threads you started or just your posts click on Your Name at the top right.
Click it again to go to Your Profile.
Once there, click on Find.
You'll see the drop down menu to find Your Threads and Your Posts

Post go.jpg

Updated 2/7/2021
Send a pm if you have any questions
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HI Everyone,
Time for a bump!

I've been pretty busy doing more house cleaning and moving posts around, particularly from Freshwater Beginners.
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Giving this a friendly bump.

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