Where did my angelfish go??


Help! We started a 37 gallon tank about 2-3 weeks ago, the water tested perfectly, but we had 2 angelfish who wouldn’t eat. Long story short, 6 tiger barbs died, a baby angelfish died and the first big angelfish died just yesterday. We had another big angelfish left and this morning he is completely gone. The other fish in the tank are 3 gouramis, 2 tiger sharks, 1 pleco and 5 fiddler crabs. Did they all just eat him alive??


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Did you add all the fish at once? The tank is overstocked.
You probably crashed your cycle causing the fish to die.

Crabs are opportunistic feeders and probably ate some of the bodies. They will also need brackish water to thrive.

You should also look in the filter and on the floor by the tank, they may have tried to escape.
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I am sorry to hear that you got off to such a rocky start. When you say the water tested perfectly what were the numbers. With this many fish in a tank that isn't cycled I have to think the ammonia level was climbing. What are you using to test your water?

When doing a fish in cycle water changes have to be done often to keep the ammonia level down to almost nothing. How often are you doing water changes? How much are you changing each time.

It is very possible your angelfish died and was eaten over night. the crabs would have made quick work of it. All the other fish would have helped them.
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