Where can I buy springtails and isopods?


Hello! I am very interested in owning my very own bioactive vivariums for tarantulas and other inverts, so springtails and isopods are on my top list of things to buy. I live in the northern US so the weather up here has been cold, so I'm not sure if I should buy online or not. I'm really itching to get these guys and have already purchased supplies that will help me breed them, so anyone have any idea where I could purchase some? I'm having a hard time finding good websites that sell them online and an even harder time finding any actual stores that sell them in my area. If I buy online my plan would be to pick up my package from my local mail carrier facility so they don't die on their way to my place. Would this work? What do you guys do to buy live inverts in the colder months, or do you just wait until it gets warmer (I'm inpatient but can wait if I would need to)? Are there any well known stores that carry them? Thanks to anyone who can provide some answers!


My local reptile store sells them but some fish stores do to. If they don’t have them when I need them Id order from Josh’s frogs. I’ve heard good reviews from there.

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