When will my guppies have babies? And will the babies be safe in my ten gallon?

  1. ivanjay2 Member Member

    I have a 10 gallon aquarium that I am gonna post a picture of and I have 2 neon tetras and 7 guppies, 2 females 5 males, and I was wondering if anyone knew how along pregnant my guppies had to go and if the fry would all be safe in my tank due to many adult fish? Thanks in advance.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Quibbles Member Member

    They are pregnant only about four weeks.
  3. ivanjay2 Member Member

    When do you think they will have their babies?
  4. Quibbles Member Member

    Also, guppies are some of the worst parents... They will eat the fry. You want some way to protect them. Ideas are: another tank. A divider. raising them in a breeding box.
  5. ivanjay2 Member Member

    Where can I get a breeder box? When should I get one?
  6. LJC6780 Well Known Member Member

    How long have you had this set up? Granted, I'm a newer fish owner, but I've read and been told you want more female to male ratio so the males don't fight over the females. Might be something worth looking into.
  7. ivanjay2 Member Member

    About 2 months
  8. Quibbles Member Member

    Okay, so a breeder box isn't my favorite option. It will be stressful for the female to get her into it, and when she is stressed, she may abort her pregnancy. I forgot one option as well: hiding spots. You may lose a couple fry this way, but if you put a layer of marbles at the bottom of the tank, the fry can hide under them.
  9. ivanjay2 Member Member

    So if I changed my rock layout to marbles instead ? Could I move each female to a new tank to themselves? And use marbles for those tanks?
  10. Quibbles Member Member

    If you have a spare tank, that would be great. That is your best bet. You could keep mom in there until the birth, then put her back in the normal tank. The fry could be there safely, and you would have minimum deaths. Also, fry love plants. Live plants, that are bushy and provide somewhere to hide. Fry need to hide, it is their favorite thing.
  11. ivanjay2 Member Member

    I have a spare 2.5 gallon tank and a spare .5 gallon tank and a 1 gallon tank. Could I just put them in those?
  12. Quibbles Member Member

    Are the tanks cycled?
  13. ivanjay2 Member Member

    The 2.5 tank is and not the 1 gallon
  14. Quibbles Member Member

    Ok. The 2.5 will work great, you can use that. I am not sure about the others. I probably will have more info in the morning.