When Will It Be Safe? (algee Killer)


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I know many people hate algee killer, but it was out of control thanks to not having any plants or shrimp (I recently moved across the country and took my fish with me but not anything else, I left everything else with my little siblings to have.)
I had Leo (my fish) in a different tank for a few days. He’s now been back in it for 24hrs and is healthy and happy, and I’m adding plants back to his environment. However, I’d love to add shrimp back to his tank because of how well he does with them. (He’s had cherry shrimp since he was 3months old.)
Does anyone know how long it will take for the chemicals in the algee killer to leave the tank and make it safe for shrimp?

I do monthly water changes (since he’s one Betta in a 10 gallon). I will upload a before (#2) and after (#1) the change water tests just so y’all know I’m not crazy for not changing the water more often.
His tank water was infused with his old planted tank to help with cycling (since I didn’t have a month to wait). And I add helpful bacteria when I change the water.

I have more plants and a Marimo moss ball to add too still. (Many of his plants came sickly from the store. And I have one still in the container.)

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Once the chemicals rotate out of there, I'd recommend a nerite snail. My betta is in a 5 gallon with a tiger nerite snail, and I've never seen a speck of algae. He's a very hard worker lol.
Sorry I can't help give you more information on how long that will be.
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