When the electric goes out . . .

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    Last winter, when i only had 2 oscars and some other cichlids, the power went out for about 13 hours. It happened to be the coldest day of the year. My house got down to 40 degrees. I moved the oscars into a 10 gallon tank and carried it out to the fireplace to keep it at 65 degrees. Imagine 2 oscars 8 inches each in a 10 gallon! I woke up with them still alive like nothin happened but found 4 dead cichlids in my room that i couldnt move. I was wondering what some people do in these situations cuz its about that time of year again. I know about generators but cant afford one. Lookin for an easy way to keep warmth/airietion.
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    I think you can get battery operated air pumps. for heat, wrap in a blanket (maybe use a space blanket?) to keep the heat in, and get some of those heat packs you shake and they put off heat...

    Someone, I think Lucy, did a thread about this recently... let me see if I can find it

    edit - lol CHoffman put the link in for you.
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    Thanks for the help cuz i got 2 piranhas, a jack dempsey, 2 huge oscars and 2 big sun catfish to get through the winter! Lol

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    Good morning. Be sure to check out the link that Choffman posted. Lots of great suggestions included in that thread.