When is her due date?!

  1. Molly105 Member Member

    You can see a dark gravid spot and she's been hanging around the bottom of the tank. I'm leaving town for a week soon so I hope it's after that!!any ideas?
  2. Quibbles Member Member

    Is that a molly? I can't really tell in the picture. If she is a molly or platy, she should be pregnant about four weeks. I can't really see the gravid spot in the picture and she isn't that big yet, so it should be a little while.

  3. Molly105 Member Member

    Ok thank you, it's taken at an angle so it's hard to see but it's there and actually quite dark
  4. Quibbles Member Member

    Okay. Is she a platy?

  5. Molly105 Member Member

    A Molly
  6. Quibbles Member Member

    Okay, very cool. I hope all of your fry do well. Good luck!