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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Kent799, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Kent799New MemberMember

    I just wanted to share this and thought the beginners forum might be the best place to do it.

    I went to the pet store today to get 3 Black Skirt Tetras and 2 Cory Catfish. A guy came up to help me and I told him what I wanted and if he could use two nets to get my fish out. I then had to go chase my son down an aisle. (Pet Stores are his favorite. I swear if it was up to him we would have every kind of pet in the store. He's working me and his dad on a frog right now. lol) I come back to see the guy climb down the ladder, walk around his tray and pick 3 Black Skirt Tetras out of the net with his hand and drop them in the bag. Then he set the net with still 2-3 Black Skirt Tetras in another tank and let them sit there in the net. I got the chills, my chest expanded and my stomach tightened up. I asked him to put those fish back and that I would be back another day for my Black Skirt Tetras and that if he took the Corys out of the tank like that I'd be asking for his manager. Well, he did a better job of getting my Corys out after I explained to him what I wanted him to do.

    I cannot stress to you how important it is that fish be removed from a tank properly. If I felt the way I did by just watching that, how do you think those fish felt? They are chased around a tank, caught by a net, pulled out of the water, then put into a small bag, put in a car and driven home which isn't always the smoothest transformation and put into a new tank. It's pretty stressful on them so when buying your fish PLEASE do not be afraid to speak up and make sure they remove your fish in the best way possible. It will help with their stress level and the chance of them living longer. Plus, by you speaking up you might help other customers realize that the fish don't need to be removed that way.
  2. MD Angels

    MD AngelsWell Known MemberMember

    Good for you for speaking up! What an idiot! Those poor fish- do they not get any training- at all?!?!
  3. OP

    Kent799New MemberMember

    I don't know if they get any training or not. There is one girl at our pet store that can't tie a bag correctly. The bag went flat before I even got my fish home. So now if she helps me I tie the bag myself. It might be snobbish but they are living and breathing. I'm also paying for them so they'll be treated the way I want as soon as I get to the store.
  4. bowcrazyWell Known MemberMember

    The employee was wrong in handling the fish with his hands for sure. The human dry hand will remove part of the slime coat from the fish with is what helps protect them from disease. Plus you don’t know how clean his hands are, he could of just been handling something that is toxic to the fish just before he picked them up bare handed. I would of refused the fish myself if I saw him handle them with his bare hands.

    If you ever have to handle a fish with your bare hands, like picking them up off the floor because they jumped out, wet your hands first at least. A wet hand will not remove as much of the slime coat as a dry hand will.
  5. ploopy

    ploopyValued MemberMember

    I have done the same thing except I got the manager right away and had a few words to say to him.I dont go to that lfs anymore.The 2 lfs I go to now I can get my own fish.

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