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When And What Fish Should I Get For 10 Gal. Community Tank? Question

  1. devin s. Valued Member Member

    Hi! I recently bought a 10 gallon tank and am in the process of moving my old fish into the new tank. After they are all moved, I will have a extremely calm (Has never been seen flaring EVER) male Betta, and small Cory catfish and a Tiger Snail. I was wondering when should I introduce new fish to the tank, and which types?? For the most part, I want what is best for my betta, as he is almost two, and want to help him have a long life.

    Details about the tank:
    • Kept by a window
    • 75-80 degree temp (with heater)
    • Pretty regualr water changes (around 30-40%)
    • 10 Gallons
    • Running for 2 days (1 day w/out fish) (since 1/1/17)
    • Not a ton of hiding places
    • No real plants (I can get some if needed including moss balls)
    • Male Betta that never flares or shows aggression
    • Cory Catfish that spazzes out hence his name "Spazoid"
    • Extremely lazy tiger snail

    Thanks! -Devin S.
  2. Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

    Corys need school of at least 6 and need a larger tank. I wouldn't keep any other fish in this tank except for shrimp and snails.

  3. devin s. Valued Member Member

    Ok, if I were to re-home the Cory, what is the p[possibility of other fish? My betta is doing pretty well with tank mates so far, and I was considering some tetras (I've had them in the past in small school with bettas and they've done great) Thank you for this though!
  4. Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

    It would still only be shrimp and snails as there aren't any compatible bottom dwellers.
  5. devin s. Valued Member Member

    Thank you! Do shrimp need any special care, and how many to tank. Sorry if this is bothersome, but this is my first time making a community tank with a betta that's under 30 gallons, and I don't really trust pet store employees.
  6. ParrotCichlid Well Known Member Member

    Pygmy cories would be fine in this tank.

    Also if the posters betta isn't showing aggression to other fish then he does have options for fish with the betta.
  7. Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

    Due to their activity level, Pygmy Corys need a bare minimum of a 15 gallon long/20 gallon high. They're also not temp compatible with bettas.
  8. ParrotCichlid Well Known Member Member

    That's your opinion yes, mine differs.

    Pygmy corys have been known to thrive in 10g tanks, plenty of videos on youtube to back this. They are a 1" fish, even being active a 10g tank provides plenty of room.

    At the top of their temperature range they are also compatible with bettas (While still remaining in the recommended temperature range for both species).
  9. Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

    Keeping them at the top of their temp will seriously shorten their lives. Also, we can't say they thrive ourselves. The fish are the only ones that truly know if they're thriving or not.
  10. devin s. Valued Member Member

    Ok from what I've read, I should either get a few more cories (he is albino and 1 inch long) for him to stay healthy or re-home him and get some guppies! Any advice helps (preferably from personal experience)
  11. Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

    The Corys need a larger tank and Guppies will likely be constantly harassed by the betta.
  12. tokiodreamy Well Known Member Member

    I personally would rehome the cory cat and get some shrimp once your tank is more established. You can start off with a ghost shrimp to test your betta.
  13. ParrotCichlid Well Known Member Member

    Avoid the guppies, get some Pygmy Corys (Make sure they are Pygmy).

    Its still in their temperature range so i don't see why keeping them like that would shorten their lives. They say it shortens the fishes life when its kept OUTSIDE of its temperature range not at the top of it.

    If this is the case then how can we say 10g is too small and 15g is fine? if only the fish know then how can we be sure they thrive in a 15g tank?
  14. aquatickeeper Fishlore VIP Member

    No pygmy cories in this tank size. Even though that they get up to 1", they are very active. There was a member on here that kept pygmies in a 10g and said that they weren't doing well. Once, the cories were transferred to a bigger tank, he said that they were doing much better. Pygmy cories also prefer cooler water than bettas. It is also not recommended to keep fish at the extremes of their temp ranges, which makes the warmest I'd keep pygmies at is 77F.

    Albinos (assuming that it's C. aeneus) can get up to 3" long and must be kept in schools. Because of this, they need a 30" tank minimum. Rehome the albino cory. I wouldn't add any fish with a betta in a 10 gallon; it's too risky, so I don't recommend it. No guppies. Snails and shrimp only.
  15. ParrotCichlid Well Known Member Member

    Pygmy corys in 10g tank. Loads and loads and loads of room.

  16. Nick24 New Member Member

    If you want you could have a single gourami in that 10 gallon, and I mean only one. You could also put in some platies along with some Molly’s.
  17. Mcasella Fishlore VIP Member

    Your betta maybe be okay with the fish that aren't in his range but as soon as you put fish in his range (most betta are middle to top swimmers, guppy are top swimmers and brightly colored fin nippers), the cory may not trigger him but it needs a bigger environment with friend, so if you were able to upgrade everyone to a 20 long you could have a shoal of albino/bronze (c. aeneus) cories and a nice group of shrimp (ghost, cherries, amanos - there are many colors of cherry/neo shrimp that can compliment your betta, plus the 6-8 white and bronze cories in the bottom will look nice).
    The pygmy cories occupy the middle of the tank and normally do better in a species only (mine like the apisto juvies they are with because they look so similar, i point the apistos out mentioned the nine pymgy that are in the tank and then pointed out three that had come forward to eat and got the comment that the person i was talking to thought they were the same when she first was pointed to them), the betta may take offence at his swimming space suddenly being invaded by active and hyper fish, as well as being stressed when they dash to the surface and back down. He may be tempted by this new fish unlike others, i have had bettas get along with some fish and other be little murderers - i have only had one betta get along with guppies and she would have delighted in killing tetras (she killed about three before i saw her attack one and she got put in another tank, the guppy was a potential sacrifice because it couldn't go anywhere else, she enjoyed swimming with it and never attacked it).
    @Nick24 No, gourami do not belong in ten gallons, molly do not belong in tens because they get too big and their bioloads are high. A couple platy at most by themselves or with some shrimp in the tank sure, make sure they are the same sex and if not hopefully they eat all their babies.
  18. Nick24 New Member Member

    Well I meant dwarf gourami they stay pretty small but I would say a 20 gallon would be better I think that is more correct yeah now that I think of it 10 is too small.
  19. Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

    Sparkling and Licorice Gouramis are basically the only ones suitable for a 10 gallon.
  20. Nick24 New Member Member

    That’s actually kinda funny for my first time I had a pregnant Platy and she ate one of her babies it was so sad. I felt ashamed.