What's Your Favorite Kind Of Fish? | Page 2

  1. 75g Discus Tank

    75g Discus Tank Fishlore VIP Member

  2. Katie13

    Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

    This isn’t even a question! Bettas!
  3. ParrotCichlid

    ParrotCichlid Well Known Member Member

    I've kept so many species of freshwater and saltwater fish with great success but bettas i just can't keep alive.

    Tried about 5 times they usually die within a few hours of getting them home. Even bought them from different sources with no better luck. Maybe something in my water they don't like? who knows.

  4. h

    harperic New Member Member

    Neon Tetras!
  5. ButchB

    ButchB New Member Member

    Dwarf Cichlids, especially from South America
  6. Alexolotl

    Alexolotl Valued Member Member

    Probably bettas, hatchetfishes or kuhli loaches for freshwater. For brackish, mudskippers. For saltwater, probably convictfish, or maybe warty frogfish.

    Do you mean no BETTA luck?
  7. FishRFriendz

    FishRFriendz Well Known Member Member

    Depends on the style, I really like tuna, then salmon. But the other way I prefer snapper or grouper, maybe striped bass.