What's your craziest aquarium story?


So I know many of us have been involved in the aquarium world either at a hobby or professional level for many years. I though it might be fun if we all share one (or more) funny/crazy/unexpected stories about something that happened either to you, a friend, your LFS or someone else that's related to the hobby.

Maybe you had to transport your fish in the car across the country?
Maybe someone spent $500 on a fancy fish to realise it was just a common BN?
Maybe your LFS was a front for something?
I'll go first...

Around 2014(?) when I was really involved in the hobby, someone on Facebook was trying to rehome a HUGE tank. It was 12 foot long. Maybe 12x3x3. Whatever it was the dimensions were huge, volume insane, it had cost the owner a small fortune to be custom built. They were moving interstate and couldn't take it with them. This family had been in the hobby forever, and after trying to rehome/resell this tank to every man, woman and child in the area they couldn't find a taker and decided to give it away for FREE, just so it would have a home. This was an amazing setup. The sump was either a 6ft or 8ft. A lot of equipment. Huge heaters. All the media. Driftwood, ornaments etc...

Obviously they were immediately swarmed by prospective owners who's eyes were bigger than their loungerooms. Everyone loves a freebie. Eventually they found someone who'd take it the day before the owner moved interstate. As this person had been sharing posts on all the FB groups in the area for a month, everyone knew about it and so when it found a home there was a collective sigh of relief. On the day of the big move, the new owners (somewhat suspiciously) all of a sudden didn't have access to vehicles, couldn't move etc... so the original owner hired a trailer for a few hundred dollars and helped them move it. They posted photos/videos at the time of the move, everyone congratulated them on being so generous and it was in the new owner's garage.

ONE WEEK LATER. All of a sudden the handful of local aquarium FB groups are assaulted with ads from the new owner selling the tank with all the accessories for quite a high sum. Couple of grand. Undoubtedly it was worth the price, but there was a lot of hate as they'd gotten this for less than free off the old owner and the immediate assumption was that they'd always intended to sell it. They said that they changed their mind after it was dropped off and now wanted to rehome it. Lots of arguments on the groups.

Team 1 - why don't you just give it away for free? You got it for free? Pay it forward etc....
Team 2 - they're smart. good on you. how industrious. you're allowed to resell things etc...

Because this tank was so huge it was being stored in their driveway in the front yard (inside a fence). Very late one night someone passed by their house and hurled a brick/rock over the fence and shattered the tank into a million pieces. Obviously creates a huge mess and is a huge waste, but I personally found it a hilarious story!!

Also it's hard to explain if you're not Aussie but the amount of venom unleashed by the new owners - bogans arguing on a Facebook group. It's quite a sight.


My pleco been doing goofy stuff all week.



Ooh, I have one! I’ve only been in the hobby for about a year so my stories won’t be as exciting as some other people‘s, but this one’s definitely frustrating... One day I decided to try going to a new LFS to check out other stores in my area. Looked up fish stores near me, found one with good reviews, and decided to go there. When we got there, we just looked around for a bit.. it seemed like not the best fish store because a lot of the tanks were really dirty and stinky, and the employee was trying to cover up the stink with air freshener which just made it worse. However, I decided to keep an open mind about it and started browsing the store to see if they had anything interesting. While I was looking, I stumbled upon the most gorgeous purple betta! Purple is one of my favorite colors, and a purple betta is one of my dream fish… but I decided not to buy him. We left the store without buying anything that day. The next day, I figured out a plan that would work so I could buy the purple betta, and my mom agreed that yes, it seemed like a pretty solid plan. We called the store to see if the betta was still available, and they said yes! So, we got into the car and drove there again. When we got there, I dashed inside to grab the purple betta… and realized that his fins were outlined in white fuzzy growth that hadn’t been there the day before. I started asking the employee behind the counter (he was the only one there, so he had been the one to answer my call earlier for sure,) about their livestock guarantee and return policies, because I didn’t want to pay for a sick fish that might pass away. He started acting really shifty and answering my questions in a vague way, and I asked a question about the purple betta’s fins… he said, “yeah, I noticed that this morning, so I don’t think I’ll be selling him today.” We left the store pretty quickly after that, and my mom was super annoyed on the way home because when we had called the man had said that the betta was available, and had started acting shifty as soon as we asked questions. I’m not sure if we’re just overreacting, but I was very sad.. Needless to say, we don’t go to that store anymore.


When we first started up our tank, we had no snail escape prevention. When we returned home from an errand we found one of our nerites on the floor under my desk, completely dried out. We put him back in the tank just to see and, lo and behold, in about an hour he was happily munching on the other side of the tank.
the kicker?

The errand was getting fencing to make a snail escape prevention system.

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