What's Wrong With My Platy?

  1. anniie_spence

    anniie_spence New Member Member

    Hello, I've had my community tank for a few months now and went on holiday for a week to find that my red wagtail platy had been nipped quite a lot and has become very very skinny! I definitely know who's behind the nipping etc (my other blue male platy), but I've now moved the red platy to his own 5 gallon tank to recover and am wondering if anyone can tell me how I can help him? To me it almost looks like a case of parasites as he's become super thin over the course of a week but he's still eating and his poo is normal. Could the sudden loss of weight be caused by stress alone? I can't figure out how to post pictures so if anyone could help me out with that as well, that would be appreciated!!
  2. Katie13

    Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

    There should be an option that says "Upload a File"