What's Wrong With My Goldfish?

  1. ballpointftw Initiate Member

    Hi, I'm new to goldfish keeping. And I have this goldfish that keeps bottom sitting...he just sits on the bottom of the tank. He'll swim around more to eat and sometimes when the other goldfish nudges him, he'll swim around more and...goes back down to the bottom.

    Here are my parameters from literally 10 minutes ago:

    Ph: 7.6 (maybe more because the color I got is a darker blue compared to the chart)
    Ammonia: 0.25 ppm
    Nitrite: 0.15 ppm (the color is closer to the 0 ppm but it isn't as dark as it says on the chart for 0.25 ppm so I just wrote a number between 0 and 0.25)
    Nitrate: 40 ppm

    Okay, I know what you're thinking...ph should be at max 7.5 and be lower, ammonia and nitrite should be at 0.
    But I had this goldfish for a year and I've had good water after 3 days of 20% water change in a row. And even then, he's doing that... (not just that time, everytime I did partial water change every 3 weeks)
    I'll admit, I got this fish when he was already in horrible condition. He was in a little plastic bowl in complete poop water.... someone I knew moved to New York and left him with me and I wanted to give him a better home. In the beginning, after doing the nitrogen cycle, and putting him in a 55 gallon tank, he was swimming fine. Normal. And I added 2 additional goldfishes and he was fine until about 4 months ago.

    So heres what I have if that helps:

    55 gallon tank
    Marineland canister filter c 360 (filters 360 gal per hour, for up to 100 gallons)
    Wall air stone for 40 gal (the canister filter also makes bubbles from the water coming out)
    Seachem prime
    API stress zyme

    Did anyone have this situation and how do you resolve it?

    Thank you for reading all this...I know I wrote alot...
  2. Cowfish928 Member Member

    For the pH, use a liquid test kit, and test the High Range pH. (Since it is a very dark blue). I doubt that pH is the issue though, unless you recently moved far away. There should be absolutely 0 ammonia and 0 nitrite in your aqaurium. A fish tank that has been fully cycled, will only have nitrate. Can you take a picture of your goldfish? It would help to see it. How often do you do water changes, regularly? Also I hate to say it, but 55 Gallons is not large enough for goldfish.

  3. Danjamesdixon Well Known Member Member

    Welcome to the forum!

    Agreed with Cowfish, apart from that last part. If your Goldies are Fancies, or any of the smaller varieties, then your tank is plenty big enough. Do you know what type they are?

    Also, your water change schedule - is it actually once every 3 weeks? If so, you'll want to be upping that to at least once a week. Goldies make a lot of mess.
  4. Mike1995 Well Known Member Member

    there's really no smaller varieties. Goldfish go anywhere from 6" to 2ft. 55 gallons really isn't enough for 3 goldfish for life

  5. Danjamesdixon Well Known Member Member

    'Smaller' in relativity. You don't generally see Ryukins and Orandas reaching 2 feet in length, not in my experience at least.
  6. Mike1995 Well Known Member Member

    i didn't say a specific type. Just goldfish in general get quite large.
  7. ballpointftw Initiate Member

    Hey, thank you so much for responding. Unfortunately, at the moment, I only got a photo of my 2 other goldfishes that are healthy right now, not the bottom sitting one. I'll definitely take a picture of him ASAP once I get home... I wish I could be doing immediate water changes now.
    Once I get home, I'll do a water test and write the parameters again. Also, I have thought of getting another tank for 75 gal but at the moment, I won't be able to spend so much. I do water changes once every 3 weeks and do about 25%.

    Okay, I was messing up for a whole year...I'll do a water change once I get home after work. Hope my ill goldfish isn't damaged for life. How much water changes do you suggest? I've been doing 25% water changes...do I up it to 50%?

    The one that's bottom sitting, I have no idea...I'm sure he's a fancy goldfish. I'll send a picture of him once I get home. He doesn't have any special facial features like telescope eyes or a big brainiac look like the orandas. The other two, on the other hand, ...one is a black moor who turned completely orange as he got bigger (genes) and the other one is a oranda goldfish.

    Also, thank you.

    Also, the one that is bottom sitting has a round body like a fancy goldfish. I wasn't specific in details with him. And completely white.

  8. Cowfish928 Member Member

    Okay. We will be able to specify for sure when you have the time for a picture. Have you noticed any different colorations of your Goldfish's poop? What color is it?
  9. ballpointftw Initiate Member

    I've noticed that their poop are more white than usual... I just read that it could be a sign of stress/infection.
  10. Cowfish928 Member Member

    Yes, it can be. It also happens (sometimes) when you feed veggies, or switch foods.

  11. ballpointftw Initiate Member

    Btw, thank you so much for sticking around to help out my goldfish. I have an all day shift here so the pictures for further info won't be up til much later in the night. If you happen to not respond anymore, I understand. I am dragging it out after all. I'll still post a pic regardless.
  12. GoldFiska Well Known Member Member

    3 fancy goldfish can definitely live in a 55 gallon. Comets, no, but fancies, certainly.
  13. Mike1995 Well Known Member Member

    no. They cannot. They will not live a full happy life. I think you should reevaluate how you keep fish.
  14. GoldFiska Well Known Member Member

    Can you please specify exactly why 3 fancy goldfish cannot live in a 55 gallon with adequate filtration and regular water changes? Is it something about space or water quality? And what experience do you have with fancy goldfish? Frankly, comments like yours are nearly unheard of in the goldfish hobby. I'm interested in hearing your reasoning.

    And excuse you, but I've been keeping, grooming, and showing these bad boys for years and have had nothing but phenomenal growth, health, and quality with my fish. From my experience, and with the advice of many other breeders and collectors, I am confident that you can keep 3 happy healthy fancies in a 55.;)
  15. Cowfish928 Member Member


    The dimensions of a 55 Gallon are not adequate for Fancy goldfish. Fancy goldfish max out at around 12 inches. The width of a 55 gallon is around 12 inches. When they are full grown, they will not be able to turn around, and with three of them, there will be no room in the aquarium. This is one of the reasons.
  16. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    I agree with everyone about water quality but really about the tank size. Every experienced aquarist (including breeders) I have talked to with maybe one exception says that 30 gallons for one Fancy Goldfish and 10 gallons for each additional one. This rule of thumb works, I've used it, and other experience aquarists use it. This has been argued time and time again and time and time again it has been proved that Fancies do not need 100 gallons. I guarantee you if you ask every member on this forum most of them will give you the same answer as I did. Orandas are big, I get it. But they aren't that big. A 55 is perfect for 3 of them. They reach 12 inches MAX including the tail. 8-10 inches is common and that's what i see 90% of the time. I have kept them in anything from 20 gallons (I know that is way too small but I was a beginner), to 100 gallons and I had 2 get over 9 inches. A foot or more is incredibly rare.
  17. GoldFiska Well Known Member Member

    And how many fancy goldfish do you know that get 12 inches long consistently? Most fancies aka ryukins, tosakins, pearlscale, Moors, butterfly telescopes, etc, only hit the 5-8 inch mark, rarely even hitting the 8 inch mark. Orandas will sometimes hit the 8 inch range but a foot long is incredibly rare, I assure you.

    Well said. Soon enough I swear someone will say 2 fancies need 100 Gallons.
  18. Danjamesdixon Well Known Member Member

    Not that there is anything wrong with putting 2 Fancies in a 100gal ;) Nothing wrong with that at all.
  19. GoldFiska Well Known Member Member

    Haha, that is true. It's not required at all, but if that's what you wanna do, you do you:p
  20. Cowfish928 Member Member

    @GoldFiska @Danjamesdixon

    I understand your point of view, and it things like this that make the Fishkeeping hobby so great. Different beliefs but want the same outcome; happy fish. It is little disagreements like this that expand my knowledge, for I am not a goldfish keeper, but I keep other fish. I guess it is just hard for me to see it being okay for the Goldfish, but if you keep goldfish, and have them involved in your life, I am sure you will know best. Thank you for sharing this with me, as it opened a new door to more thoughts. Maybe even a different view point.