What's wrong with my fish? :(

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    About a week ago, my tank finally finished cycling with fish after about six weeks. The readings were 0, 0, 10 (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate).
    Last night when I did my regular feeding I noticed that one fish had a few black streaks on it's fin. A few others also had these black streaks on their fins, about 1-3 mm long. I immediately did a water test and it came out to 0, 0, 40 (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate).

    I know black streaks are a sign of ammonia poisoning, but the funny thing is I have 0 ppm of ammonia and nitrite. My ammonia lot bottle #'s are 83A0409 and 84A0509, so I think that they haven't expired yet. I know my nitrates are a little high, but honestly I don't think that is creating the black streaks. Besides the black streaks, everything else seems to be fine and normal. I'll be doing a 30% water change in a couple hours.

    Help! What should I do? Should I add a little zeolite in the filter bags?
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    If they were in the tank while it was cycling, they were already exposed to ammonia, even if there isn't any in the tank now.
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    Agreed, they may just be showing effects from cycling.
  4. OP

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    So should I worry about the streaks?