What's wrong with my fish?

  1. Azurespider Initiate Member

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    She's not eating. Acting a little agitated even if she's just being still somewhere in the tank her tail wiggles more than normal. She seemed to be twitching a little bit not swimming sideways or anything like that, more like shivering. Water parameters are normal. No raised scales.
  2. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

  3. Azurespider Initiate Member

    Ammonia 0 nitrite 0 ph neutral temp 76F nitrates can't remember exactly but they were low this tank has been up for four months and has been stable.
  4. Katiec90 Member Member

    Hows the temp?

  5. Azurespider Initiate Member

    Tank mates are two Otos four ghost shrimp, some snails and another guppy who is in a breeder net because she's ready to pop. At first I thought this one was pregnant too I still think she might be but no dark spot. She does have a big belly but the Gracie spot is like orange. She was eating fine yesterday but today she even refused her bloodworms.
  6. Azurespider Initiate Member

    76 degrees f same as I always have it.
  7. Katiec90 Member Member

    Big belly, like bloat? Idk if that makes them agitated but I'm sure its not exactly comfortable.

  8. Azurespider Initiate Member

    Idk if it's bloat I've never seen it in my fish before I thought she was pregnant.
  9. Katiec90 Member Member

  10. Azurespider Initiate Member

    I just looked at bloat in guppies and no I don't think that's what she looks like. Her behavior is what's really odd and her not wanting to eat.

  11. Katiec90 Member Member

    The only other thing that comes to find is a parasite, just keep your on this thread I'm sure someone will have more ideas lol
  12. Azurespider Initiate Member

    Lol I was thinking parasite too
  13. Katiec90 Member Member

    How are her scales/coloration? Do the look lifted or anything?
  14. Azurespider Initiate Member

    No that's the first thing I checked with a flashlight. No raised scales anywhere on her.
  15. Katiec90 Member Member

    Well keep us posted,surely someone here will come to the rescue lol
  16. Azurespider Initiate Member

    Still no improvements. She won't eat.
  17. Dragones5150918 Well Known Member Member

    It could be a number of things, and very hard to tell. By your test results, I'm assuming your using strips to test?

    A lot of the time, when my guppies start what your experiencing, something was off in my water. Sometimes just a slight water change helped.

    You could also try a little bit if aquarium salt or Epson salt to see if you can get that bloat down.

    Have you noticed when the last time she pooped?
  18. Azurespider Initiate Member

    No it was actually Api master test. I did a water change just now with prime. I will qt her and use salt next. I last actually saw her poop yesterday.
  19. Katiec90 Member Member

    Maybe shes just been constipated?
  20. Azurespider Initiate Member

    Hmmm... I am getting suspicious, I saw that I have newly hatched ghost shrimp in the tank. I'm starting to think she's lazy because she's pregnant and has been gorging on baby shrimp...