What's Wrong With My Fancies?


I have 2 fancy goldfish. They have both been lethargic since yesterday. I don't understand what this disease is, they have black dots, red dots, and white dots with red streaking in their fins... sounds like ammonia poisoning and maybe ich except my water parameters keep testing normal with API kit. 0 ammo, 0 nitrite. Just the 2 in a 55 gal. I don't understand what could be wrong. They're also doing some surface gasping and they have weird mucus/slime coat stringing off them that is actually floating in the surface. This started a few days after I got the Telescope. I'm kicking myself so hard for not have quarantined her, believe me. I moved them both to a hospital tank. I'm not sure yet what to treat them for... I don't know what this could be. Please help


Id move them back to their big tank if theyre the only ones in it. More pictures would be extremely helpful. Blood streaks without ammonia or nitrite in the water points to Hemorrhagic Septicemia.

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