What's Wrong With My Betta?

  1. honeytype Initiate Member

    So in December i unexpectedly got a betta without planning. Since I'm only 14, i couldn't just go out and get supplies when I needed them and I didn't have a job to pay for them in the first place :,^(..

    So the betta, Gerogie, was living in a 10 gallon with no heater or filter and he was doing just fine because i did enough water changes to keep everything okay! But just yesterday i was finally able to get a heater and filter and now Georgie isnt active at all :^( he just lays at the bottom and just comes up for air and thats it.. the current on the filter is as low as it can get and its definitely not pushing him around :^(

    Is it possible he's just stressed out from the change? I have no way to test the water and stuff but i used water conditioner and did a water change :^/ he does come up to eat when i put food in the tank though..

    I just really dont want to lose him :^( he means a lot to me..
  2. ashark8me Member Member

    Do you have a thermometer so you can see what the temperature in the tank actually is?

    When he is at the bottom, does he lay on his side or anything?

  3. honeytype Initiate Member

    yeah it says the tank is at 72°F :^/ its still heating up though i think. And he's kind of on his side but its more like hes leaning against the glass.. if i try to take a picture of him he swims away though
  4. ashark8me Member Member

    How long has he been doing that?

  5. honeytype Initiate Member

    only since about the morning :^/ he was completely fine last night and actively swimming and stuff.

    i dont know if this would have effected him but while i was changing the water he jumped out of the bowl i put him in and fell onto my dresser :^( is it possible he got hurt?
  6. California L33 Well Known Member Member

    I suppose it's possible he hurt himself in the fall, but I've had fish jump out of tanks, fall four feet, and land on hardwood floors without noticeable injury, though I suppose it was no picnic for them. I suppose it's a bit late to tell you that bettas are jumpers. Always cover whatever container he's in. The real question, though, is- are you moving him from his tank every time you do a water change? Being moved is fairly stressful for fish, so when possible do a partial water change with him still in the tank, while taking care that he doesn't jump. My betta doesn't mind the gravel cleaner at all. He actually goes up right to it and sometimes chases the debris as its moving up the tube. (My big concern is that he's so fearless I have to be _really_ careful moving it.)
  7. honeytype Initiate Member

    im very aware that bettas are jumpers but i thought he would be fine for just a minute without being covered, guess i was wrong :^/

    and i almost always take him out only because he gets pushed around when i pour the water back in and im afriad he'll get slammed into the gravel and get hurt :^(

    but i think he was just stressed from the change in his tank because hes very active today!

  8. California L33 Well Known Member Member

    I'm glad he's feeling better. I still question the idea of moving him every single time you do a water change. Are you netting him, or doing the 'self-catch' method of having him swim into a small container? (I saw it on YouTube and can't believe it works, but it did the one time I moved mine. You slowly lower a betta cup into the aqaurium on its side, and his natural curiosity of something 'new' in his territory will cause him to swim in. You then just turn it upright and lift him out.)

    I also understand you don't want him buffeted by water going into the tank. How are you putting the water in? I use half gallon plastic milk containers and can control the flow quite easily.
  9. honeytype Initiate Member

    i just put the net into the water and he swims into it so sort of a combination of both.

    and i use a pitcher that youd use for lemonade or iced tea or something but no matter how slowly i pour it he always tries to swim right under the flow
  10. California L33 Well Known Member Member

    The theory is that every time you net a fish you not only stress it, but the net removes some of the fish's protective slime, so you get the double-whammy of a stressed fish and a weakened immune system. I guess you can't argue with success if you've been doing this without ill effect, but you might want to consider it.

    The only thing to be careful of if you try the container technique is that you don't want to accidentally get him pinched between the cup and the wall if he jumps when you're trying to lift him out, as the cup with water will have a lot more mass than a net.

    To leave him in the tank you'd have to figure out a way to lower the flow of your pitcher. You could siphon it in with a tube, but that would take longer.

  11. honeytype Initiate Member

    ohh i never knew the net removed the slime ;^/ no one has ever told me thag before. ill try to see how it goes with a container since i dont want to risk anything!

    and maybe ill try siphoning it so i wont stress him too much. i dont mind how long it takes as long as it's better for him!
  12. Bailey Oswald Well Known Member Member

    My 5 gallon betta tank has a sand-like substrate, so what I do to keep from disturbing it (this should work for keeping it from buffeting your fish) is I make sure my hands are clean and put the right temperature water in a pitcher. I pour some in a tall cup (only because it's easier with the smaller tank). Then i put my hand just below the surface of the water and gently pour it into my hand.
  13. honeytype Initiate Member

    ah thats a good idea! ill try that next time i do a water change! :^)
  14. California L33 Well Known Member Member

    Which goes to show that sometimes the simplest solutions are the best :vulcan:
  15. Braydens Bettas Member Member

    Its Very Likely he is recovering from this fall. Ive had a betta do the same thing before and they will lay as if they are dead for the next couple of days as hes body heals from the bruising. Shouldnt be much of an issue for him just keep the water clean and warm