What's wrong with betta's tail?

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Hey Betta buddies!

I noticed a change in Prissy's tail in the past few days. A split? It seems to be getting worse.
She's acting fine, color and appetite is good.

Two things:
Due to the water level, the current from the filter was rather strong.....she loved riding in it, so I didn't worry at the time.
I added a bubble stone, she liked to kind of sit in them.

I'm guessing even though she liked it, was it too strong for her tail?

I've decreased the bubbles and slowed the current.

What's the best thing to do for her?
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Water changes and fish protector or some kind of scale protection. They get spit fins easily for...sometimes infections happen. If you keep their water clean an infection is rare.
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Do your best to do as Allie has said but also be aware that there is another possibility. The placement of the split has me wondering if she may be a Doubletail and it is just starting to show. They need to reach a certain age and development to have the split start to happen. If you have kept the tank super clean and used the Fish Protector and VitaChem and done all you can and it just keeps deepening then you probably have a baby who has a naturally split tail and is a lovely Doubletail betta who had just not shown before. You will have to watch though as they do tend to show finrot a bit easier than the standard tail just because of the natural tendency for the doubletail to show weakness of the tissue where the natural split is formed in the first place. You will always need to make sure that her tank water is scrupulously clean and she will probably benefit from having some vitamins like Vitachem every day and make sure she never becomes constipated if possible. The more healthy you keep her the less the chance she will ever have tail trouble. She is very beautiful. She will be magnificent as a Doubletail if that is the case.

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Thanks Allie and Rose

I use Stress Coat with aloe (is that ok?) with my weekly water change, and I have stepped up my water change routine.

I don't have Vitachem, but will get some ASAP.

Oh Rose, I hope your right, I think she's about 6-7 months old now.

Gosh, how we worry about our babies.
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Stress Coat is a good product and will help her. What I do with our water is double-treat it all when it gets added to the tank. Prime and Fish Protector. Fish Protector is essentially a Super Stress Coat and Vita-Chem is something we add every other day all the time, going to daily as Rose mentioned, if there's any fin damage. Garlic Guard is a good daily addition too (1 drop per gallon).

Looking at her fins, I'd say she has minimal damage or is going double-tail like Rose said. With keeping the water extra clean and doing what you can with those additives, you have nothing to worry about. Females do heal easier than males too, it seems.
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Ok, daily water changes for her with double shot of Stress Coat.

I won't be able to get to the store for a while.
Instead of Garlic Guard, could I use regular garlic juice?

Any idea how long before I know if this is a normal change or damaged fins?

Edit: I found Rose's advice about the garlic:
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If it's just fin damage, it should be healed in a few weeks, tops probably.
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Thank you!
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I hope it all works out. The VitaChem only needs to be used daily until the fins are stable. Either healed or it is determined that the split is normal. This should be determined in the next couple of weeks for sure. Like Dave says, the split will heal quickly with the type of treatment we recommended. The Fish Protector pretty much takes the place of Stress Coat only more potent so I would not use both of them. The Fish Protector is meant of remove the chemicals and heavy metals from the water and to make the fish stay calm and relaxed to help in the healing process which is basically what the Stress Coat does but not as well. (just not as strong) It is not a medication but more herbal in nature so you are not really medicating your fish. The VitaChem increases the immune system to prevent finrot and further degeneration and helps to promote regeneration of tissue if the tissue is from a split and not a normal progression of Doubletail. If after 2 weeks you see thinning of the tissue or degeneration of the side tissue of any kind then we will have to talk antibiotics but until you see further problems the above treatment should take care of it as it is a minor split and really does look like clean conditions and the Fish Protector and Vita Chem is the thing for now.

She is a marvelous fish and I am keeping good thoughts headed your way. Be Good Prissy!!

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Thanks bunches.

I really hope this is a normal progression for her.
I found out today, she loves garlic! She's looking for her bubbles and swimming in what little current there is from the filter.

I may be over analyzing her now, but her tail isn't as sharp looking as it once did......not fuzzy, but less defined, if that makes sense.

Stress Coat with aloe (This is what I always use as a conditioner with water changes) also says it removes chemicals and minerals, is it ok to continue to use that if I can't find Fish Protector?

Does anyone know if Pet Smart carries VitaChem? I can't order on line.
Would this be ok to use:

I appreciate all your help.
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It looks like you were right, I guess she is just maturing.

Prissy's tail looks fine. I guess I panicked (once again :rolleyes lol.

Thanks for everyone's help.
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Well for what it is worth my gut feeling seeing her pic BEFORE reading replies was that she is just growing up! Her body is changing as she is now safe to do so. She is lovely!! May I have her please!!! LOL
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It's ok.. I think it's pretty normal for us to panic over our Bettas.
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Oh yeah I do it at least one time a day.

She is only the second Doubletail Female I have ever seen and the other one I owned.

She is gorgeous and I am so jealous. I am like Michelle, I want her!!!

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Oh, that's a pretty neat to know.
We really love her to pieces, so ya'll can't have her. lol
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Her coloring is SO much like our little Sweetie's, even to her ventrals. Sweetie's smaller though, I'm sure.. she's always been a smaller one & probably why she was so tore up by the time she got sent to the pet store. Looks like Prissy's a good sized female.

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