What's Wrong Here?

  1. JoeEse7en Member Member

    Hi guys. I know what I need to do to a point. But I currently do NOT have a QT to use so can yall just give me a break down if possible? My Yellow Lab I assume is a female because she has no black stripe but still young. Anyway she is not eating. She's swimming with everyone else and they were all eating yesterday I didn't see them eat this morning because I have to feed and leave for work. So I get home and she's just hanging out at the bottom of the tank. When I went to feed them she got moving and started swimming with them but not gathering any food. She started following the other female (what I assume is a female) and that's it. But no consumption. She also has a small black dot at the base of the tale before the fin, I did not see that there on any of them before. She doesnt look lethargic or anything. All fins are opening and closing like normal but I know fish are always hungry. Please tell me I'm being over concerned and that it's nothing but stage fright.

    Also...there is one tank mate trying to dominate the whole tank. He even picks on the big chailosi. Idk if this may be the issue. This lab is probably the smallest of the bunch.
  2. tjander Well Known Member Member

    I assume you have other fish in the tank from the same species and region? Your water needs to have a higher PH for this type of fish.
    I might recommend that you give us your water test parameters to include water temperature and tank size. Most cichlids eat with a lot of passion.

    I am thinking you have stressed this fish and that might be why it's not eating

    It might start to eat on its own soon. ???
  3. JoeEse7en Member Member

    Parameters for my 75Gal

    PH 80
    Ammonia 0ppm
    Nitrites 0ppm
    Nitrates 30ppm
    Temp 77°

    And yes they are all Mbuna from the same dealer and she's the only one that seems like this. I understand what you mean about stress that's why I am asking about my one fish that's being kind of a phallic male body part to everyone else. Do you think he might be stressing her out? I am short 13 fish to overstock the tank as was suggested here. I'm trying to remedy this this weekend. When I got these guys this last Saturday someone said they noticed those had some sunken bellies and to watch for worms. I'm kinda wondering if this may actually be an issue. @fissh what do you think?
  4. fissh Well Known Member Member

    When did you get this fish, and how large is it? Does the lower jaw in the throat area look larger than it did?
  5. JoeEse7en Member Member

    I received them this past saturday. She about 1.5" still. Maybe smaller. I have to go with no to the throat question. She appears normal. She's even playing in the currents.
  6. fissh Well Known Member Member

    It could be a problem. If you don't have live plants put in 2 cups of non iodized rock salt. ( water softener or canning salt) You don't have to buy aquarium salt, because it's the same salt! Try feeding live or frozen brine and see what happens. If that doesn't work then it's time for METRONIDAZOLE! Good luck!
  7. JoeEse7en Member Member

    Ugh...I have live plants. Glad you asked that because I was reading somewhere else about salt but didn't say anything about plants.
  8. fissh Well Known Member Member

    Try the brine first, the fish might be just stresses out.
  9. JoeEse7en Member Member

    Ok I can do that. Is that gonna be a problem for my vegetarian mbunas fissh?
  10. fissh Well Known Member Member

    Only if you feed brine once in a while.
  11. JoeEse7en Member Member

    Thank you @fissh. So I have another question. I have a 10 gallon that's been in the garage for about 3 years from when I tried my hand at cichlids before. I failed and gave up. The tank wasn't cleaned out so it's full of calcium build up. I need to clean it and buy a new light fixture for it as well as a filter. The old filter looks beyond gone. So...if I can get this tank cleaned I still have to cycle it right? How can I cycle it quickly so I can get this girl in there to eat by herself? Or is that a bad idea now that she has established herself as "part of the pack?. I'm going with what you told me a few days back when you said I should get those labs in a QT and try to feed them solo so they can get bigger. My issue is that they are all eating except for her. Now. She was eating yesterday like I said. I am still gonna try the brine. I just wanted your opinion on this qt tank as well. I highly admire you as a hobbyist so your opinion means a great deal to me. Not trying to kiss donkey here it's just a fact.
  12. fissh Well Known Member Member

    I wouldn't bother with that 10, you can get a new one for $10! I would leave your fish alone, feed brine and see what happens next. :;bananawater
  13. JoeEse7en Member Member

    Ok fissh. I can do that. Thank you. I'll keep yall updated.
  14. fissh Well Known Member Member

    I didn't think you guys said yall in Texas?
  15. JoeEse7en Member Member

    Lol...that's where it originated. (Not an educated statement).

    You know @fissh I'm starting to think you have something against texans.o_O
  16. fissh Well Known Member Member

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  17. tjander Well Known Member Member

    As a thought you might want to start cycling the ten gal just in case. It never hurts to have a QT tank cycled and ready.
    I have found the quickest way to cycle a tank is to use water from your larger tank and some of the filter media from it as well.
    Remember if you don't have any fish in the QT you need to add ammonia to keep the cycle going.