Whats wrong here?

  1. Gordy Member Member

    Today my Bosmani Rainbowfish has stopped eating and has his mouth fully open-any idea what the reason behind this could be? Never seen him with his mouth open bar actual feeding time, looks almost like he can't close it!

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  2. qchris87 Well Known Member Member

    What do you feed them? Possibly something lodged in the back of his mouth?

  3. Gordy Member Member

    It's not a matter of feeding as this happened before feeding time, I was thinking something may be lodged though, never seen that happen brfore where something lodged in a fish mouth-perhaps a small piece of fine gravel? But I can't see anything lodged when I actually get a chance to see into his mouth, would something lodge if that's the case generally work it's way out or is there anything to do to try help him?
  4. Pikachu13131 Member Member

    Do you have sand or gravel?he might have eaten a small gravel if you have it.

  5. cheese Member Member

    please do not do this without someone else saying to maybe try it, as it could stress out your fish...but I was feeding tiny pieces of thawed pea to my fish and 1 of the little ones was eating and all of a sudden he started to panic and had his mouth going open and shut fast and was no longer interested in any food, swimming around all worried looking! so I was about to try and remove the food...but once I netted him, he freaked out enough to get the pea piece out. of course it was a soft pea, pieces of pea actually, I must not have broken the pieces up very well. but it came out and broke up a bit as he spit it out...so a rock or something may not come out as easily. my fish was already scared seeming, so netting him freaked him out even more...so maybe trying to startle him in the net, and him trying to rapidly back himself up and breathe and such, could help...again don't try this unless others say you should, but that could be a way to try and remove anything before you start going in with tweezers :) good luck!

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  6. Pikachu13131 Member Member

    I think you should do it,he might Injury himself but it's better than him dying from starvation.wait and see if it comes out if there's anything stuck.
  7. cheese Member Member

    how is he doing today? :)

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  8. Gordy Member Member

    Unfortunately he died earlier!
  9. Pikachu13131 Member Member

    Did you look and see what was wrong?
  10. Gordy Member Member

    I have no idea what caused it, his mouth was closed when I found him dead so I can only assume that something was stuck but either dislodged or went further in and the stress got the better of him.

  11. 4ftaqauriumman Member Member

    Should do an autopsy
  12. TwoTonedTanker Member Member

    Yes I would look in his mouth first, then if u don't see anything, idk