Whats Up With My Amano Shrimp

Discussion in 'Shrimps and Crabs' started by Roxane0470, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. Roxane0470Valued MemberMember

    So I have been noticing that my amano shrimp looks pregnant despite the fact that I have hid him for about a month and I don't have him in a brackish tank. Can somebody tell me what he's trying to do.

  2. #H20NerdValued MemberMember

    They will bear eggs in your freshwater but nothing will come of it . One of mine is loaded with them at the moment an is from time to time but with out a brackish then salt addjustments in a breeder ..then you will always be unsucessful ..video was a lil fuzzy but she seems fine

  3. Roxane0470Valued MemberMember

    Okay good to know she is my favorite shrimp right now. I'm not trying to breed them do I need to take out the eggs or will the other shrimp and fish just eat them?

  4. #H20NerdValued MemberMember

    They will be eatin ..check out some youtube vids on them .rachel o leary has some awsome info on them ..there great little cleaners ..the babies are so tiny you probably wont even notice them ..but other shrimp species like cherrys ..carry there babies untill ready to pop out an they are good to go first day
    .no need to remove them they come out looking like there adult parents
  5. Roxane0470Valued MemberMember

    Okay thanks will check her you tube channel out. I wanted to get cherry shrimp, but was told not to because of my espeis, so I started with ghost shrimp and then added amano shrimp. I still would like some cherry shrimp but am afraid that my bigger fish like my honey gouramis, and my shrimp would bother them to much.
  6. #H20NerdValued MemberMember

    They will pick them off ..i started my first cherry tank ..in a little 2 gal an it did awsome now there in a 10 ..its my profile pic ..but yea depending on the fish you wouldnt want to give them such an expensive snack ..but i swear after i set up that first shrimp tank an saw how easy it was to maintain an cheap to feed ..an how easy they breed .. i was hooked ..the stocking is a little high ..if you ever do ..start with 10 .. an in 2 months you will have 60 ..they are freaking awsome ..good luck with the amano shrimp. I have at least 3 in evey one of my tanks ..more in the bigger ones ..they do such good work ..keeping clean an in my experience almost impossible to kill. d73ca10a8658fcf34e8792b30425213c.jpg my tanks
  7. #H20NerdValued MemberMember

  8. #H20NerdValued MemberMember

    See the mamma ..see her babies from 2 weeks ago super tiny but right next to her
  9. #H20NerdValued MemberMember

  10. Roxane0470Valued MemberMember

    Nice I want to eventually do a shrimp only tank, I currently have 4 amanos and 3 ghost shrimp, but want to do a colored shrimp tank . Love all your tanks and the way they are set up. I have just one 2o high gallon tank right now, but want to set up about 3 more tanks.
  11. Roxane0470Valued MemberMember

    I love my amanos, I especially love how active they are.
  12. #H20NerdValued MemberMember

    I went a little water crazy.. alot of my tanks are ones i took off peoples hands ..i try to do as much diy as i can to keep cost down. Its so cool to watch these animals grow as they get setteled in an grow up im learning an seeing things i never knew an thats the most fun part
  13. Roxane0470Valued MemberMember

    I think I am about to go in that same direction, I already have a 37 gallon that I picked up from a thrift store, and plan on picking up another 20 and one 10 gallon at petco
  14. #H20NerdValued MemberMember

    Sweet. Im a contractor so building mine on the wall was simple .an diy king on youtube really helps me understand an cut down on aquairum cost an matinence.

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