What's This?

  1. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member


    So today while I was putting co2 in my tank I noticed a small snail climbing up the side of the tank, any idea where it came from?

    Could it be a baby rabbit snail, as I had 4 but moved them a few weeks ago as they were eating my plants?


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  2. Braydens Bettas Member Member

    This guy is a pond snail. Very common in planted aquariums. Unless you have other store bought snails such as apple snails I would not bother removing him as these snails multiply fast and work wonders and eating algae.

  3. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member

    Ok, I'm just worried ill end up with something like this:
  4. smee82 Well Known Member Member

    Its a pond or bladder snail

  5. Braydens Bettas Member Member

    That wont happen. Its highly unlikely. I have had snails in my tanks for over 1.5 years and I don't have that many. Yes they breed fast but its not that bad. If they get out of hand just throw in a piece of Zucchini overnight and in the morning take it out with all the snails on it and dump it in the bin
  6. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member

    Ok, would they harm rabbit snails?
  7. Lance0414 Well Known Member Member

    No they should not harm any other snail or fish(unless it is dead which it will then eat the body).

  8. MelloYello Member Member

    They make excelent fish food.