What's The Worst Fish Advice You've Ever Gotten And Actually Followed? Funny

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lissi Kat, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. Lissi Kat

    Lissi Kat Valued Member Member

    I put this under funny because in a tragic sort of way I'm guessing some of these stories might be!
    I'll start
    The worst advice I ever got that I actually followed was when getting my first fish.
    I'd regularly take my son to the pet shop to watch the fish as he loved it and it seemed to have a really calming effect on him.so for his 2nd birthday I thought hey some fish would be a great presant for him! I'd recently found this little plastic fish tank while cleaning out the utility room and figured it would be a good fit for the kitchen counter. This tiny plastic box is 2.5 gallons at a stretch when filled to the brim with nothing else inside! So I go to the pet shop and explain to the lady that is like some easy fish for this tank and tell her the exact size. She recommends a trio of goldfish. I ask what else they need and some plastic decorations were recommended. Also no need for a heater as they're cold water fish just add some bubbles.and of course some flake food that I'm pretty certain was constituted of 95% recycled Chinese newspapers 4%Apple cores and 1%regret! So 1 oranda 1black moor 1yellow common gold fish an air pump and stone and several plastic plants later I set up my acrylic cell of misery in a haze of blissful ignorance. Now it was stressed that these were COLD water fish so I ran the tap as low as it'd go I'm guessing about 7°C and plop the inmates into their new private . No need to dechlorinate,temperature acclimate,what's that?
    So the days pass and pretty swiftly the tank looks like ! So I go back to the store and explain my predicament,their solution, wait for it cos it's not a filter it's a whole lot better...a common pleco because as everyone knows they live off fish poop! So pleco in hand I go back home thinking this might just be the answer to my problems...it was not!
    Some time passes and I keep up my water changes of icy delight and like any good fish keeper would soap and bleach the tank and it's contents religiously! I must have been careless with my rinsing as they got to partake in a brief foam party if suffocation one time (filter was installed at this point). I'd keep the fish in a different container while doing this.
    So after some time I decided to look into getting some sort of filter I figured it might make my life easier even tho the shop people had told me that filters aren't for gold fish but hey I'm just a bit of a rebel like that! So time passes and the fish live. At roughly the 1 year mark I decided to do some investigating as I was now firmly convinced I was in possession of the world's oldest goldfish as I was told that they only live for a couple of weeks or a few months at best! Well my god I was in shock the more I read the more my heart sank. I had been torturing these fish while I was firmly convinced they were living the life! I swiftly upgraded them to their current set up of 35 gallons filtered by 2 canisters and live plants inclusive heater set to a cosy 21°C year round. The common got rehomed to a pond after and incident that led to the loss of 1 of the black moors eyes.and I'm happy to report everyone is doing well now! I still worry all the time that they have lasting damage internally but for now they seem happy and healthy the black moor is roughly 18cm from nose to tail and the oranda about 15cm with a nice egg sized body so I'm hoping they aren't too severely stunted.
    I trusted the advice I was given because they had given good advice about cats and dogs and other animals that I knew to be true even overhearing them advise a customer to get 2 female rabbits or have the male neutered as well rabbits tend to breed like rabbits.i trusted their judgment and that was a mistake! The pleco also survived and is currently about 25cm long and will eat half a cucumber in 1 night he's currently in an 80g waiting to go to my lfs that will be able to find him a suitable home. The tank of hellish deciet has been repurposed to house trimmings from my plants.So yeah that's the worst advice I've ever followed!
    I'd love to hear some other stories as I'm sure I can't be the only one who's done things that now seem moronic or unthinkable
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  2. motherofbettas

    motherofbettas Valued Member Member

    Bettas are so pretty living in large vases and feeding off plant roots.....ugh.....Thankfully he survived and is now in a 10 gallon, heated filtered, cycled tank!
  3. JamieXPXP

    JamieXPXP Well Known Member Member

    hmm its hard to remember. its been along time since ive actually paid attention to the employees lol. i know ive gotten bad advice from my parents "you dont need a filter if you have plants", "the fish will grow to the size of the tank so it doesnt matter"

  4. Fashooga

    Fashooga Fishlore VIP Member

    Based on these test stripes, your tank is fine!
  5. Ioana Dog

    Ioana Dog Valued Member Member

    I was cycling a 45 gallon and the fish store guy wanted to get rid of some diamond and Columbia’s tetras and said I should take all 14 for $10 and my tank will cycle in just a week. I got them home and felt too guilty doing that to fish so I got more tanks to house them then took the Columbians back and left them on the counter
  6. OP
    Lissi Kat

    Lissi Kat Valued Member Member

    Haha yeah they do look great but in a really massive vase inclusive of all mod cons. Live plants are great but not as food for a meat eater. It's really sad that fish are seen as disposable like this

    Even plant only tanks have filters for ciclulation and collecting debris.i still hear that as a fun fact when people hear I'm into fish. Oh did you know this magical thing they do where they only grow to the size of their tank.i explain thst their organs kerp growing and what s horrific death they suffer and compare it to forcing a lion cub to grow up exclusively in a cat carrier thst usually helps get the idea across

    Haha yeah 0ppm nitrate 0ppm nitrate strip doesn't test for ammonia."sir your tank is remarkably clean"

    Yeah those are some hefty tetras alright!
    I hate that life is that disposable to some
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  7. FlipFlopFishFlake

    FlipFlopFishFlake Well Known Member Member

    No joke, I was told that guppies are so small that they don't affect tank bioload. I was like 4 at the time, and my parents didn't know any more about fish than the employee did, so we just trusted him. Big mistake.....
  8. OP
    Lissi Kat

    Lissi Kat Valued Member Member

    Guppies aren't even that small! I hate that they fail to mention that most fish are juvies and some get huge and also lying about life expectancy. Imo pet stores have no business selling bala sharks and common plecos by the dozen to everyone who'll listen without a peep about adult size and tank requirements
  9. Gypsy13

    Gypsy13 Fishlore VIP Member

    Mine is very recent. 2016 in fact. Never had guppies before. Just about everything but. So, rescued fish from Petco that had finrot. Some of these were guppies. But they were all “girls” so there’d be no problem. Had to take sixty juvies to LFS. I removed the feather looking fake plant and now the danios stay kinda fat. Talk about breeding like rabbits!
  10. OP
    Lissi Kat

    Lissi Kat Valued Member Member

    Haha no good deed goes unpunished they females are often already pregnant in the store so even getting one female could end with fry! I'm sure the danios are very pleased anyway!
  11. JamieXPXP

    JamieXPXP Well Known Member Member

    yep tanks need something to create water movement, hold the good bacteria and help keep the water quality good. right? it drives me nut hearing people say that fish grow to the size of the tank because it would literally be like putting a human in a small dog crate or putting a large dog in a cat crate, etc. there is just so many things wrong with that logic that it is amazing how many people actually think like that
  12. Ioana Dog

    Ioana Dog Valued Member Member

    Agree! They guy was very confused as to why I wasn’t ok with some dying and why I kept doing water changes to keep the ammonia and nitrites down.
  13. OP
    Lissi Kat

    Lissi Kat Valued Member Member

    I think it's probably so engrained we don't even think to question it think about your daily life how often do you see depictions of goldfish in tiny bowls or see actual goldfish in tiny bowls it's so common that you initially don't think to question it! It's important to educate people about these things cos for the most part I don't think it's intentional cruelty it's just widespread ignorance. My son's kindergarten class will be next on my list to enlightenment their class pet 'Bob' the common gold fish lives in a 10 litre bowl. I brought them a cycled filter and some water conditioner but I'm thinking I might get them a 10gallon with a heater,filter some plants etc and a nice orange platy instead it'll still look cool for the kids and Bob can go live in a pond and I can sleep soundly once more haha
  14. 75g Discus Tank

    75g Discus Tank Fishlore VIP Member

    I followed the name on the cups of Petco bettas. I got a baby “female” for my sorority. It was a small, shortfinned, and fat bodies Betta with an ovipositor. Well a month later, “she” tore up all of the fins of my females. I checked, and guess what I didn’t see? The ovipositor!

    So I moved the Betta to my 38 with angels and “she” became a long, skinny bodied veil tail Betta.
  15. OP
    Lissi Kat

    Lissi Kat Valued Member Member

    It's horrible at least expensive fish get a little respect but I just hate that mentality of if it dies just replace it as if it's a light bulb or something. I mean how would he like being liked in a tiny air proof cubicle for weeks choking on his on excrement

    Talk about a sneaky betta going to all sorts of lengths to get into the girls locker room!
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  16. NLindsey921

    NLindsey921 Well Known Member Member

    "Sure a common pleco can live in a 1 gallon tank with a betta"
  17. phantom

    phantom Valued Member Member

    a PetSmart employee told me I could have 4 emerald corys a neon tetra, 2 mollys in a 5g!!!

    btw this was first time fish keeping I was told that
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  18. OP
    Lissi Kat

    Lissi Kat Valued Member Member

    Yup there's a common pleco in my story too think I'd need to up my origami skills to fit him in a 1 gallon container at this point

    Sadly that's still better advice than I got with keep 3 gold fish and a common pleco in a 2.5gallon...didnt think they got bigger than 2 inches boy do i know better now!
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  19. phantom

    phantom Valued Member Member

    dang I thought mine was bad lol
  20. CanadianFishFan

    CanadianFishFan Well Known Member Member

    my mom forced me to get dwarf gouramis for my 20gallon tank. I had no clue about them but she said she knew how. We went to petsmart and i asked how many in a 20gallon. They said 5 (In store they had about 30 of them in a 10gallon! with a betta!!!!) I put them in and luckily didnt have a fight. I learned from fishlore it wasnt safe after. I moved one gourami was was smaller and now the other two live in peace in the 20gallon.

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