Whats the meanest fish?

Discussion in 'More Freshwater Aquarium Topics' started by Parker Corso, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. Parker CorsoNew MemberMember

    Was wondering what y'all thought is the meanest freshwater fish? I have jack dempseys and they attack fish 3 times their size. So comment below, thanks!
  2. celizabethh3

    celizabethh3Valued MemberMember

    Of all the fish I have ever owned, I have to say my female betta has been the meanest. I still love her though. :p

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  3. MJDuti

    MJDutiWell Known MemberMember

    I've gotten lucky with my fish. However, most spawning cichilds you do not want to mess with. Most fish are only this way because of their young, or are protecting their territory. Aggression is also diminished if they are well fed, unless it's a piscivore. But if you want to check out some mean fish overall (realistic for aquariums), explore snakeheads and wolf fish. If I ever had a chance at an aggressive predatory tank it would have a golden cobra snakehead.

    Oh, and since I'm so into puffers...Never put Anything (including bare hands) in a tank with a Fahaka puffer. Meanest puffer/murderer ever.

  4. Anders247

    Anders247Fishlore LegendMember

  5. cichlidman

    cichlidmanWell Known MemberMember

    I had a red devil that ripped the lips off a oscar and would kill anything else in its 125 plecos terrors
  6. sophi

    sophiWell Known MemberMember

    As silly as this will sound...

    They're absolutely horrible sometimes. I had a small group of them in my community tank and they pretty much harassed one of my platys nearly to death. I thought "oh ok, let's swap these guys out for another group of guppies" and they did the same thing. >.>

    As beautiful as they are, I only had one nice guppy out of all of them and he one day just disappeared from the tank, never to be seen again. Oh, and skirt tetra's were aggressive for me as well. Maybe I just have bad luck though...
  7. MJDuti

    MJDutiWell Known MemberMember

    They just want to mate...ALL the time
  8. Anthony10

    Anthony10Valued MemberMember

    Piranhas, I would throw a minnow in, walk up the stairs, walk down the stairs, and there would be no minnow! :D

  9. maniacyosh1986New MemberMember

    Mate I own dempseys, flowerhorns, red and green terrors, Texas, cons and red devils all in the same 950 tank and the boss is the devil. I think the red terror will take over her soon though it's a mean fish

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  10. hampalong

    hampalongWell Known MemberMember

    Red Terrors aren't mean Ime, they're very intelligent and don't look for trouble, but they won't back down either. If you want trouble you'll get it. Many 'mean' cichlids are like this, but most are just being aggressive because their territory is bigger than the tank, so everything is in it. Adult Buttikoferi will usually kill every other fish in the tank. So will Black Sharks. This isn't for food, like Piranhas, Tigerfish etc, its just because they're mean. Snakeheads often kill just for the sake of it. I had one that gave a same-length tinfoil a quick bite on the head and then just watched it die.

    My meanest cichlid? A 4" Hemichromis elongatus that ripped the bellies out of a pair of Midas guarding eggs. They're not called 'pocket battleships' for nothing!

    Even some totally harmless shoaling fish can be extremely mean to each other if kept in twos or threes, or mean to other fish if kept alone.
  11. lala29

    lala29Well Known MemberMember

    Guppies just harass everything that has fins or looks like a fish ;)

    My most aggressive fish would have to be my goldfish! She has never harmed another fish.... But she rips plants to shreds on the blink of an eye! Apart from that my other fish are docile :)

    Although serphea and black skirt tetras are fish i ever regret owning... Nasty little things!
  12. celizabethh3

    celizabethh3Valued MemberMember

    I love my skirts but I'm starting to realize how mean they can be. The largest one in my school harasses everyone and even tore off most of one of the others' dorsal fin. He's been nicer lately. Maybe he (she?) heard me threaten to rehome him if he keeps it up. ;)

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  13. ppate1977

    ppate1977Well Known MemberMember

    The meanest fish I've kept are convicts and jaguar cichlids. There are certainly meaner fish... The wolf cichlid comes to mind.
  14. frampy

    frampyWell Known MemberMember

    A Dovii cichlid (wolf cichlid) will attack humans when trying to clean their tank is that mean enough for you? They get pretty big so nothing under 125-180 gal tank for them.
  15. Rivieraneo

    RivieraneoModeratorModerator Member

    My flowerhorn thinks my fingers are baby carrots he can eat
  16. Cichlid GuyNew MemberMember

    Green Terrors are probably the meanest fish I've kept. I've seen them boss around Oscars and Dempseys bigger than they are.

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