What's the difference between Mollies and Platys? Question

  1. J

    Jackie Frost Valued Member Member

    I was going to get mollies tommorow morning, but now I'm thinking platys because according to my research they reach a smaller size and will be more happier in my 15 gallon tank. Am I right?
  2. rae64

    rae64 Well Known Member Member

    platys and mollies are very similar that they can in fact interbreed. (pollys ant matys!) platys have brighter colors and are smaller and hardier. mollies need aquarium salt (well, they don't need it, but they like it) for your tank i would go with platys.
  3. OP

    Jackie Frost Valued Member Member

    Thanks Rae! ;)
  4. TFA101

    TFA101 Well Known Member Member

    I second that. As "suitable" as pet stores claim mollies are for the community tank, they should be kept in hard, brackish water rather than freshwater because they are sensitive to their surroundings.

    I've kept platies all my life, and I love them. they are pretty, personable, and prolific, not to mention hardy. Remember to keep them in ratios of 1 male per 2-3 females. This will devide the male's attention between the females, so he doesn't constantly harass one female. Or you could simply keep all males.
  5. OP

    Jackie Frost Valued Member Member

    Oh yeah. I accidently got one male and two females. (I didn't know how to sex them then. I do know now.) I think one of my females may be pregnant. Her belly is certianlly plump. That wouldn't be such a tragedy except I'm in the middle of cycling my tank right now (hopefully given a boost with Tetra Safe Start) and I don't need any increase on my bio-load at the moment. Of course the fish would probably end up eating the babies anyway. Cruel ...I know but I got enough on my plate for the moment.:;juggle
  6. p

    platyfish Valued Member Member

    Can't wait to see pictures!!