What's the deal fellas??


Fishlore mods- I am just learning that apparently I can't provide a link to a site with simple information/commentary regarding this hobby of ours. I won't mention the site as it is immaterial to my point. This makes me think that if you felt so inclined,you could literally block the access to whatever sites you wanted for whatever reasons you wanted. Now I haven't read your terms and conditions but I'm sure there's some verbage in there about reserving the right to blah blah blah. That's all well and good guys, but as a site that claims to be purveyors(sic) of information ,why would you then go and restrict access to information? I hope I'm just misreading this situation and there's an innocent explanation here but I attempted to link directly twice, and then for the third time just simply mentioned the site by name. Thats it. All of it was taken down. That doesn't smell right to me. I would love an explanation for this type of arrogance guys. That's bush league.


The mods are indeed quite fervent at policing this site, but that's the price of having a nice, friendly online space. I'm on several less moderated aquarium groups and people are often straight up nasty there. Usually mods provide the explanation for their edits in notifications - check yours if you haven't. If it's unclear, maybe you should cite the explanation here and ask the mods to elaborate, what exactly that means. Read up the rules, specifically paragraph 5, maybe you'll find the problem there.
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Hi & welcome to Fishlore, if you look around the forum you will see many outside links, there are however a very small number that we don’t allow links to due to previous issues.
I explained in the deletion notification sent about the site being blocked & not to redirect again either by name or link which is why your two further posts (& edit) containing those references were removed & another notification sent.
You mentioned that you haven’t yet read the rules, when you have a spare moment you might like to give them a look there aren’t very many.
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I used the word "fart" the other day and someone went and modified an entire discussion thread (my posts and others) to remove all traces of the word. Apparently that counts as profanity lol. Fishlore is a great place so I just ignore stuff like that and chuckle to myself. It is what it is at the end of the day. At least we don't have to pay to sign up or anything
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