What's the coolest dream you've had?

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I just had a fun idea - to share weird/crazy dreams that you had here on Fishlore. Have you had any dreams where you compose a brilliant plot for a book, or a witty statement, and then you wake up and it's complete nonsense? Or dreams where you knew famous people (I just had a dream that I was friends with Millie Bobby Brown)? Or any Lucid Dreams, where you explored what was going on in your head?

I'll share some weird dreams that I've had:

I was a floor hockey player, and was winning money as I played from people betting on me. I was disappointed when I woke up to find that I had not won "$200 so far."

I gave birth to a baby and the nurse told me giving birth was like being stabbed by 9 flaming swords.

I went into this random family's house and found my dad in it, married to another woman, with a kid. I started living with his family, and I showed him a picture of my mom in real life and told him "In my world, this is who you're married to."
That one feels kind of paranormal because afterward I realized it was like communicating to an alternate form of my dad in a parallel universe.

What are some weird dreams you guys have had?
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Ok picture this:
Attack on titan but all the titans are pro wrestlers (like hulk Hogan or the rock etc.) and there's a bunch of characters from various other animes trying to stop them.

It was weird
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My dreams would make horror movie villains have nightmares and the reason why i am often afraid to go to sleep, so i will not be sharing any.
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My dreams would make horror movie villains have nightmares and the reason why i am often afraid to go to sleep, so i will not be sharing any.
My problem is i have seen too much and years later thats how my brain decides to process it.
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No happy dreams though?
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If so, i don't remember them
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I had a dream last night that I was living on a mountainside in China with Jason Scott Lee, except he was 6'4"...

Funny story about dreams...
I am usually fairly quiet and don't have a lot of vivid dreams. One night a few years ago we were visiting some friends on Long Island. It was a class reunion for my husband and we were in a house with six or seven other friends. I had a dream that night that I had been kidnapped, and my abductors were teasing me. One in particular was being really horrible to me and trying to grab my hair while I was tied to whatever-it-was-you-know-dreams and I wasn't afraid, but he was making me so furious that when he reached out for me I started SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS IN REAL LIFE!
So now my husband IRL is holding me by the arms because I'm trying to kill him so of course I get more angry at the kidnapper and continue screaming. What finally woke me was my husband's 6'5" friend's big size 14s landing on the harwood stairs as he came barreling down to see just what in the world is going on down here!
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I don't often remember my dreams any more. Ha, funny story though, when I was 4 I thought God was talking to me, but my parent's tv was just turned up so I could hear someone shouting from my bed...
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I just had a dream last night that I was on an elevator with John Krasinski I took a selfie with him and when I woke up I was so sad that I hadn’t met John krasinski
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Most of the time, my dreams are fairly pleasant. I’ll dream of gardening or friendly old people or something. Those are the dreams where I know that it’s a dream, and I forget it in my first five minutes of being awake. They’ll usually have something odd about them, like me living in a mashed up version of the three different houses that I’ve lived in before, but I never notice until I’m awake. The dreams that I do remember are usually incredibly disturbing. Like, I literally cannot sleep at times because of them. I would elaborate, but my brain makes sure to make it horrific and detailed enough that this post would become three times as long. The coolest dream I ever had was probably one where I had sort of wings, and lived with birds in a big forest. That was pretty awesome.
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I enter someone's dream through inception and steal secrets.
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Maybe if I remember one I will try to find this again!
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I just had a dream that a snow leopard deflated my lungs...
It was strange
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I once dreamed that I was a catalytic converter.... I woke up exhausted!
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I don't often remember my dreams any more. Ha, funny story though, when I was 4 I thought God was talking to me, but my parent's tv was just turned up so I could hear someone shouting from my bed...

When I was 9/10ish I used to think cars were telepathically connected to the driver and they knew which direction the driver wanted to go in and so would indicate in that direction. Because what other reasonable explanation is there for indication?!

Safe to say the truth is considerably more boring.

Edit: I don't know why your comment made me think about this lol
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Coolest dream I had was, I moved to the Netherland to be with a woman I met on some fish keeping site. She came to visit me in Wales for 2 weeks and that's all we needed. I booked a flight the night she left because I couldn't bare to wait the month we had planned.
It was a weird dream, the odd thing is I still see her here and there
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Well this is a hard thread.. I've actually worked quite a bit on lucid dreaming after I saw a bizarre movie that explained how to do it. I've had one a couple times, the best was definitely the classic flying one.

The "coolest" in the sense of weirdest, two come to mind. One from when I was about 10, I dreamt I was on a ship and fell off while holding a rope, it swung me through the deep, dark ocean. At the bottom of the ocean there was an enormous purple dragon sleeping in a sitting position. Its body was composed entirely of large, heavy, wooden drawers, some of which stood open and others that were closed. I couldn't see what was inside them, but I knew something important was in one of the top drawers. I spend a long time in the dream scrambling from one open drawer to the next one, like scaling a particularly difficult mountain. Woke up before I got to the drawer I was aiming for though.

The other one is recent, from about three months ago. I entered an exceptionally tall, black skyscraper on the top floor - there was a very steep hill next to it, and the top floor of the skyscraper had a small terrace that opened on the top of the hill. Inside the floor was damp and dark and consisted entirely of grey concrete. I could hear clanging noises, like someone else was inside, but only the bottom floors were busy and crowded and the top ones were deserted. I ran around trying to find the mystery person making the sounds, through deserted grey concrete hallways. I had the strong impression something was off about the building, like something wasn't quite right, the way it was supposed to be, and the mystery person sneaking around I was looking for had something to do with it. Eventually I could hear footsteps and burst through a door at the end of a hallway, and there suddenly I was standing outside on top of a different hill. It was the floor below the top floor I'd started on. On the balcony there was only a bright red phone booth (those stereotypical UK ones), and I re-entered the building. The person I was pursuing had disappeared, and I thought something bad was about to happen. I ran quicker through the hallways, which were different but looked very similar to the grey concrete of the floor above. I exited again, very unexpectedly, though a door and ended up on a third balcony, this one actually suspended in the air, and again a floor lower. I remember distinctly this floor shifting was as surprising in the dream as it is while awake Then I woke up.
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Fairly often I have dreams about fish. Surprise surprise. It usually goes something along the lines of I walk into my room to find a small tank (like ten gallons or something) with five fish in it along with my real life betta Samuel (except much bigger). The five fish are all huge (way too big for a ten gallon) and super aggressive and so everyone’s trying to kill each other and also the tank has sprung a leak and is only like half full. So here I am desperately trying to get all the fish away from each other before they kill each other and also trying to stop the leak and clean up before my parents find out. I get a bunch of buckets and stuff and am trying to portion out water but of course I wouldn’t have heaters and filters for all these fish so I don’t know what to do... I’ve had variations on this dream a bunch and I always wake up before I find out if the fish do okay or not.

There was this other dream where I impulsively bought like three of four bettas and set up tanks for all of them, but then the next morning (in the dream) remembered that I had to go to school and so I was like “well who’s going to look after my bettas while I’m at school?” So I called the local fish store and asked if I could take my bettas over there for the day while I was at school like some kind of fishy daycare and they said it was fine so I packed up all the tanks in my car and drove over to the store and set up my tanks on a counter then went to school. After school I came back and picked up my bettas and went home. It was all very pleasant.

I have dreams that aren’t about fish too but those are just weird.
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Ok so i did remember a cool dream i had once. Was pretty memorable since this was about 20 years ago.

When i was on the island of Okinawa, i had a dream one night that i was back in the US. I was hanging out with a buddy of mine, watching TV in my grandma's basement, when the Borg beamed into the room. Instead of just beaming us back aboard their ship, they gave us some kind of shot that blocked all but nervous function from the brain. They took us out to my grandma's driveway and loaded us, along with the neighbors, onto a bus, which was one of the shuttle busses we used on base in Okinawa. Well, the shot didn't work on me because i was a Jedi, so i slipped off the bus and jumped on my speeder bike in the driveway. I sped off down the syreets using the bike's blaster cannon and using my lightsaber, created general chaos amongst the Borg that were roaming the brick streets looking for people.

Then i woke up and said "wow, i am messed up!"

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