Whats the best canister filter for a 90 gallon?

Discussion in 'Saltwater Aquarium Setup' started by TheOdinOne, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. TheOdinOneNew MemberMember

    I bought a corner 90 gallon acrylic tank with stand. Whats the best canister filter for a 90 gallon? Im also getting a hang in back protein skimmer so which one do you guys recommend? Thanks for any help.

  2. zeeGGeeNew MemberMember

    I'm new to this hobby too.Im just curious why would you need a canister filter?

  3. TheOdinOneNew MemberMember

  4. zeeGGeeNew MemberMember

    I see...how old is your tank? Mine is 5 months old..no mechanical filtration.All parameters are fine so far...corals seem to be happy.Still trying to learn to be successful in this new hobby.
  5. TheOdinOneNew MemberMember

  6. Rmoore80Valued MemberMember

    So technically speaking if I had a small tank with good flow and live rock I don't need a filter?
  7. zeeGGeeNew MemberMember

    For me yes. My tank is almost 10 months now without a filter-filter socks, polyfilter etc.. Just a HOB refugium with chaeto and a skimmer.Going strong.Corals seem to be happy..imageimageimage
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  8. jessakittenWell Known MemberMember

    sun sun makes a good filter that is a canister and sits on the floor. i have a couple and i love them. super quiet and you can put whatever you want in the baskets for filtration.
  9. zeeGGeeNew MemberMember

    I just depend on good biological filtration with good flow...of course, every tank is different. But this one works for me so far... :)
  10. jessakittenWell Known MemberMember

    i prefer the movement in the water from the filter on one side, and a powerhead on the other. seems to give my water the constant movement like in the ocean :)
  11. Zach BrownNew MemberMember

    IMO canister filters are the most Un needed equipment for a saltwater tank. They're a nitrate farm and are just 1 more thing to have to keep up with.

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