What's On My Clownfish? Question

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fish Disease' started by Sierra s., Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Sierra s. Valued Member Member

    He looked ok yesterday but today he looks like this! What happened?!?!? 20190211_210643.jpg 20190211_210645.jpg

  2. coralbandit Fishlore VIP Member

    I'll vote Brooklynella .
    Should know in day or two if I am right .Quick killer.
    What else is in tank ?
    Formulin is only thing that might work but is no good for anything else but fish in marine tanks .

  3. Sierra s. Valued Member Member

    I have another clown, hi fin goby and a pistol shrimp. I am going to put him in the quarantine but it isn't ready yet

    I have ich-X and Cupramine Copper Treatment
  4. stella1979 Moderator Moderator Member

    I vote for Brook too.:( Other fish are also susceptible to this parasite but for whatever reason, clown's are more often affected. Your other fish should really have the same treatment that the sick guy gets... If treatment remains an option because yes, Brook is a quick killer and difficult to treat. If you will treat, at the very least, I would remove both clown's to quarantine and treat them with formalin. Unfortunately, I'm unsure how long the display tank will be infected with this but that is certainly something you should look into. Should your clowns make it through treatment, you wouldn't want to re-expose them upon reintroduction to the display. One thing seems certain... the parasite attacks fish as a host, so as long as there are fish in the display, Brook may survive. For this reason, it may be best to remove all your fish to a quarantine tank for formalin treatment... however, that decision is a toss-up because you'd be moving apparently healthy fish (though they certainly have been exposed to Brook) in with a fish that will likely succumb to this issue. The exposure is already there though, so what's more worrying is that moving fish is stressful, and stress can often lead to sick fish because they are weakened and thus less able to fight off health issues by themselves.

    So sorry about your clown, and as you can see, the best treatment plan is often full of difficult decisions. Idk how easily we can get ahold of formalin per se... but there is a product called Rid Ich Plus by Kordon that contains formalin along with malachite green, (which is another chemical used for the treatment of parasites.)

    Please consider this advice carefully. Formalin will kill everything in your tank except fish. This means your inverts, macroalgae (marine plants), corals... right down to the microfauna/pods that live in your rock and sand and your live rock. The tank's cycle must be monitored carefully (though I have used Rid Ich Plus without killing a tank's cycle), and you should also know that meds reduce the oxygenation levels in water. This means the fish may not get enough oxygen if we are not careful the heavily aerate the water. A pump should be directed across the surface for maximizing surface agitation and it's a good idea to throw an airstone in there too. Formalin is handy, and I do keep it on hand, but it's is something to be quite careful with, and as with all things in this hobby, research is needed. Good luck!
  5. Sierra s. Valued Member Member

    He died this morning. The other clown and the hi-fin goby are being treated in the quarantine tank. They do not look to be infected but treating them anyway.
  6. coralbandit Fishlore VIP Member

    Sorry about your clown but that is how brook works .FAST.
    Better safe then sorry treating all other fish .
    What is left in tank ?
    Not sure how long the tank should be fallow to just kill the brook.
    I know marine ich was 90 days ..
  7. Sierra s. Valued Member Member

    I have a pistol shrimp and snails left in the show tank. I read that it takes almost 3 months for brook