What's happening to my Discus!


This Thread may not go very far but I have to tell you what happened yesterday:

It started early in the morning I noticed my bubble counter on my CO2 was very slow, so before I went to work I adjusted it to the proper flow.
I came home at around 2:00pm for a lunch break and found 2 Discus floating on top, one standing on it's tail and four laying flat on the bottom of the tank! All 25 rummynose up-side-down in between the leaves of my plants, and about 10 corys laying on there sides!

Apparently something clogged the needle valve of my bubble counter and after I loosened the valve the valve unclogged while I was at work, forcing tons of CO2 into the tank all day!---you could have seen a grown man cry!:'(

They all seemed dead until I picked one up and it wiggled just a little. So I went into turbo drive, emptied the tank as fast as possible, did a 70% water change, (thank goodness I have 55gal "heated" storage tank!) and threw in a bunch of air pumps.

Would you believe that in about four hours most my fish were back to normal! Unfortunately I lost a few rummynose, but everything else survived. I feel like I'm the luckiest man alive
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Man, that was close! So glad to hear that you moved quickly and were able to save most of your fish. How scary!
Sorry about the losses though.
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I'm so lucky that I came home for lunch! I work on the road all day and very rarely get a chance to be close enough to stop by my house.

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Something in you probally said to you should stop home and check things out, like an intution you know? That and what happend in the am probally stuck in your mind all day even if you diod not relize it subcounciously you were thinking something is not rit with what you saw in the am and you knew some how you should swing by the house. If you would have just waited until you got home from work I don't know that may have been it you know? Thank God I am glad everythings ok, you will have to keep us posted in anything changes, close one!


Great save DVC! I'm glad things weren't any worse than they were.



Thank goodness u stopped home....I hope they stay ok


Great to hear. This is a great reason and a very good example of why having a place to store water is beneficial. It was already ready to go.

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