whats happening and what to feed my fish?


well hello everyone, this will be my.. 3rd thread,
I have 5 fishes 2 banggaI cardinals, 2 clownfishes, and a small blue tang that I might exchange for another fish,
ive only had them for a day, the cardinals seem fine they swim abit n stay in the front of the tank mostly
the clowns are really frightening me actually, at first they seemed like they go everywhere but now theyre just on the surface of the tank.. is that normal?
and the blue tang well I rarley see it and when I do its just for a few seconds, I don't think the other fish bulley her but idk what's wrong with it,

but when I got them I asked for what to feed them the guy said I should feed them dry pellets and/or freezedried baby brine shrimp, I tried the brines shrimp today and it was all over the place, the cardinals took a bite but spit it back out, the clowns did the same thing, but the blue tang didnt even bother to get out of its hiding place...
I did alil searching on the internet and founf out that I should be feeding them other stuff, and that I shouldnt feed them freshwater foods at all, but I wanted to ask u if u had any other expirience of ur own, so I would really appreciate any help
and thank you in advance

Stang Man

That is totally right!! You should be feeding them saltwater foods only and as well as brine shrimp frozen or live. One of your threads I just replied too and I need more info as I had mentioned.

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