What's going on with tank?

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    collinl98 New Member Member

    I think that my 75 is breaking out with parasites, but I'm not sure. It started when I bought an ebr from petco. I know that probably wasn't a great idea considering its a delicate fish. After a week or two I started to notice a small red dot at the base of its gills and it was breathing rapidly. One morning, it was sitting at the bottom, still rapidly breathing, with a fat lump protruding from the red mark. Within an hour, it was dead. I don't have much experience with diseases so I thought that aquarium salt would help. I gave all the fish salt bathes with a teaspoon of salt in about a gallon of water. Nothing looked unusual for the next few days so I thought nothing was wrong . A while afterward, I ordered a shipment of fish from live aquaria. It was a pair of agassizi cichlids and a school of eight cherry barbs. The cherry barbs looked fine but the cichlids were packed poorly and the male was visibly sick and injured. After two days, he was dead along with one of the cherry barbs. So today, I found the largest cory cat looking absolutely terrible. His entire face is pale, his eyes seemed to have receded back into its head (that's the best I can describe it), he's covered in red marks, and the bottom of his tail fin is destroyed. Also, I noticed that my red velvet swordtails are white around the gills and have white to clear poop. Also one of them had a large white spot on its head, but when I looked closer, there was skin hanging off so I assumed physical injury. Is it a parasite outbreak and how do I treat it?
    75 gal
    Ammonia 0
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrate ~ 15
    3 angelfish
    7 cherry barbs
    7 albino cories
    4 red velvet swordtails
    1 bristle pleco
    1 agassizi cichlid
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    collini98, wow, im sorry to hear about your fish :(

    It sounds like you may have multiple issues going on, by chance, can you post pictures of your fish exhibiting signs of disease ? From what you have described, to me it sounds bacterial, pictures would be very helpful.
  3. OP

    collinl98 New Member Member

    That's the best I could get with my ipad camera. If it's bacteria, then at least I have medicine for it. There are more red spots on the other side and the tail is destroyed as I said before, but this could be from harassment by other fish, which only occasionally happens during feeding time.