What's Going On With My Nerite Question

  1. NLindsey921 Member Member

    My nerite appears to have broken part of his shell. Is this something to be concerned about or is it just part of his shell. 60efe8221e6bac428c94a68e7faf2a96.jpg
  2. dwarfpufferlover Member Member

    It could go either way but it’s just the shell. I cracked my zebra nerites really bad on my old apartments hardwood floor; still alive today and my favorite.

    I would get some some veggies high in calcium and feed everyday, I am currently doing this right now.
    Should start to rebuild/heal itself
    Hope everything goes okay
  3. NLindsey921 Member Member

    Thanks. I just got it a few days ago and didn't notice it at purchase. Is it possible it was due to a bristlenose or clown pleco messing with it?
  4. RyRyTheAquariumGuy Member Member

    I have seen a similar issue once with one of my nerites.. It was on the side. I think it was just a chip as it slowly grew back to be just fine over a few months.
  5. dwarfpufferlover Member Member

    I can’t say I’ve never kept them before.
    A solution although pricy could be to purchase a dark piece of driftwood, the nerite will sit on it 24/7

    Most likely though it’s as simple as feeding him some vegetables to heal and bring out his color. That’s if the place/bris doesn’t get to them first lol
  6. Redshark1 Well Known Member Member

    In my experience many of the Nerites come with damage, presumably from rough handling during capture / shipping.

    I think it is best to pick out unblemished ones as in my water the chips become larger and the animal ends up unprotected by it's eroding shell and dies.

    Intact shells do not succumb in this way and the animals live much longer.