What's cooking? Funny

  1. o

    old hippy Valued Member Member

    HIM :"Sweetie, whatcha cooking? Something smells great!"

    ME: " Ummm....Well, there is driftwood boiling on the stovetop, nets being sterilized in the last driftwood discard water, and peeled peas thawing in a bowl of Garlic Guard. Dinner?"

    HIM: " Add some thin fish broth (tank water) and a few green meatballs (Marimos). Aquarium Goulash?"

    (We had macaroni and bread rolls...)
  2. Claire Bear

    Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Hahahaha!!!!! Too cute but I am with him-love the smell of the garlic when I am adding it to the fish food! :)
  3. OP

    old hippy Valued Member Member

    Yeah, the garlic smell always has me thinking desperately of PIZZA!
  4. 5thgradeguppyraiser

    5thgradeguppyraiser Well Known Member Member


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