What's a CPD?

  1. Linda4088 Well Known Member Member

    What's a CPD?
  2. Adoinc Initiate Member

    Celestial Pearl Danio:
  3. Phishphin Well Known Member Member

    CPDs are really neat. Just be sure you can maintain the low temperatures they appreciate :)
  4. smee82 Well Known Member Member

    Ive got 4 male Dario Darios (scarlet badis )and have absolutely no problems with them and I would say they the CPDs in my tank are more violent. I got 6 as fry and only 2 were male, 1 ended up killing the other.

    You might have trouble with 2 but 3 or 4 should be fine as it would spread out any aggression and they tend to stay out of each others territory once its established.
  5. Linda4088 Well Known Member Member

    i really like the Killi Fish but they are so confusing. They will be in with red cherry shrimp. Will they eat them? I private messaged the guy from Fish Lore about the cherry shrimp and these fish but like I said he hasn't been on the site since May so how do I find out and where to get them?
  6. Linda4088 Well Known Member Member

    I just placed an order for 2 pair of Fundulopanchax Gardneri Killi fish with EricV. On the Swap link on FishLore. Thanks so much Phishphin for your suggestion. I researched them and I believe they will be perfect for my 10 gallon and my 40 gallon. I just don't remember if they eat cherry shrimp. Too much info.
  7. Phishphin Well Known Member Member

    This may be worthy of establishing a new thread for this question, but I don't want to leave you hanging. I purchased mine from Aquabid from a member there that goes by the name BHodgkis (or something similar). Excellent fish and an excellent beginner experience for killis. Can be managed in a community, but avoid stocking with semi-agressive fish. The male will want to display and not all will take kindly to this.

    edit: they will eat the RCS if they are juveniles. They do not bother my full grown shrimp. Love the babies though...
  8. Linda4088 Well Known Member Member

    I'm planning on getting cherry shrimp. From what my research says they can keep the bottom pretty clean.