What would you put in a 150G tank?

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So I'm getting a little excited about possibly winning the auction and getting my tank, but, no harm in dreaming, right? So....

If you had a 150G tank and could get what you wanted, what would it be? Be species specific if you can and brand specific for equipment. Go on... DREAM a little!
Callum The Cat
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i'm not sure I would get a good water system and put discus in there and grow angels up with them

Peace Out Callum!
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For me it would be discus, and a huge shoal of cardinals with a heavy plantload at 81 degrees without a second though.

And days later, I finally noticed this was in a salt water topic hehe
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ok aaron you asked...lol here goes

Emperor 400 Power Filter
Via Aqua Titanium Heaters (2 smaller ones so it disperses heat better....)
SunPod HQI Metal Halide Fixtures
Fission Re-circulating Skimmer
Aquarium Temp Alert
SCWD Wavemaker

CaribSea FijI Pink Aragalive Sand
Kadavu Rock
Alveopora Coral
Carnation Coral: Red / Orange
Fire Shrimp
Sand Conch Snail
Harlequin Shrimp
Blue Carpet Anemone
Fighting Conch Snail
Rose Bubble Anemone
Crocea Clam
White Sand Star
Cleaner Shrimp

Yellow Clown Goby
Yellow Belly Blue Damsel
Blue Hippo Tang
Ocellaris Clownfish
Red Scooter Blenny
FridmanI Pseudochromis
Ventralis Anthias
Red Fairy Anthias

I may have forgotten something, but I don't think so..... if you want to see what all this is I picked it all from this site....

anything else? lol you said you wanted details
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DAAAAAAAAAMN! Circuit overload! ahahahhaha I asked for it! NO, but, really, that's great. I have no Idea what any of that is, except for things that say what they actually are, like SNAIL lol. This will give me look-up material for quite a while.

So I went to my local library... they don't have any of the books listed here. NOT ONE! So I'm thinking I'm going to have to buy them, ugh, as if I didn't have enough to spend on already. I've been wanting a second full time job again for a while. I figure I can save up money and get all the equipment at once. How much do you think I'll need? I haven't looked into prices much yet. You think 10k will cover my start up (that'll be including livestock, hopefully). Plus I have a new question that might interest you. Look it up, It'll be under saltwater equipment "Do they exist?"
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hmmm.... well considering that I won't have near 10000 it should be enough since I'm doing mine pretty welll....lol
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If you don't mind me asking... what will be your end cost on set up? Its for a 55G tank right?
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well I'm not 100 % sure as of this point it could be more or less what I calculate.... but if you want to know what I'm at right now......between 700 and 1000(still debating between a regular lighting system and a hqI system...) for eveything BUT the tank.....
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Including equipment? How are you keeping cost so low? I'm thinking if I start saving now, I might be able to start up a tank next year... working two jobs lol
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how are you looking at 10000? I mean ive found some good skimmers for under 100 and petco has a saltwater "starter kit" for 20 dollars that has enough salt for a 60 gallon tank and a hydrometer and a few other things..... (if I bought them separate it would be about 50 dollars....)

# Saltwater Mix-------------------------------------------------------------------$30
# Saltwater Hydrometer-----------------------------------------------------------X
# Aquarium filter------------------------------------------------------------------$40
# Replacement filter media like filter floss and activated carbon----------------------$10
# Multiple Powerheads (2 or 3)-------------------------(2 small Hydor Koralia Pumps)$60
# Heater - be sure to get one large enough for the size tank you're getting---(2 small)$60
# Protein Skimmer - See the equipment reviews section for protein skimmer reviews---$100
# Saltwater test kit(s) to test water parameters and monitor the infamous aquarium nitrogen cycle----------------------------------------------(saltwater master kit at petco)--$40
# Saltwater fish food-------------(various frozen foods and a few packs of seaweed)$20
# Aquarium vacuum---------------------------------------------------------------$20
# Fish net------------------------------------------------(1 small 1 medium)------$3
# Rubber kitchen gloves----------------------------------------------------------$3
# Aquarium Glass Scrubber--------------------------------------------------------$5
# Two, clean, never used before, 5-gallon buckets----------------------------------$10
# Aquarium thermometer------------------------------------------(eletric)---------$6
# Brush with plastic bristles (old tooth brush) - needed for cleaning the live rock----$3
# Quarantine Tank for acclimating new arrivals and monitoring for signs of fish disease-$5
# Power Strip---------------------------------------------------------------------$20

total there is $450
and since live rock here is about 5 $ a pound I thought id get about 100 $worth, so that puts it to 550.....then I found some live fijI sand for 35 dollars for 40 lbs.... I know that will be enough. so were at 590 now....

I found a bunch of fake anemones and corals to use for decorations, (about 10 dollars each give or take.... ill probly buy 2 anemones and 3 or 4 corals....so not even 100 there....that makes it 690.... so....that's everything but the fish.... and I'm going to start out with a couple of four stripe damsels and they are only 1.99 here....so that's 4 dollars then when I know for a fact I have the tank cycled right ill go and get a few snails (probly about 2 of the three kind I want... so that would be like 20 $) then a few shrimp...I fire, I cleaner and maybe a Harlequin Shrimp so that would be like 40 there....the clear starfish I want, so that's ten and then a pair of clowns so that 60 (I hope I can get a pair before one turns female so they hopefully will pair up...) and then ill go from there on fish and see what catches my fancy..... co all that I listed is about 900..... those prices are from that site I post a lot and then from my LFS also...
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did I forget anything? if so let me know.... oh and on the saltwater solution, that's 20 dollars for the "kit" and then 10 dollars for an extra 60 gallon bag, (so I always have some on hand....

oh and ill probly get a five gallon jug so I can premix salt water for water changes....
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OMG! That's amazing! Like I said, I've been reading one what I need and have not, until recently, started looking at prices. Since everyone kept talking about how expensive everything is, I figured it would end up being around 5k or so. I always like to overshoot so maybe six or seven (I thought). So when I posted 10k I figuered someone would comeback and say, no 5k is enought. But to start out with 1k WOO HOO! That means I can either splurge and get it in a month or save up and get it in three or four months (Guess which one I'll do lol ahahahaha).

Hey look at this, what do you think. I'm drooling overhere
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darn! that's only 4 dollars a lbs and it looks great...did you know they have this adhisive stuff that works underwater for live rock formations...its totally safe for the tank and everything, and you can "glue" the live rock into different formations....I'm gonna do a cove and then a few nooks and crannies... and I want this rock! lol
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Hahahaha... I gave you more rock dreams lol. Yeah, I had heard about that. Though I had only heard about using regular... regular... umm... what is that they use to patch holes in tanks? Silicon? Whatever that is. Either way, it should be less expensive than more specific adhesives. I also heard about drilling them into place. But, at what point would you do this? Before they're cured? Once they're wet I think it'd be difficult to glue then, don't you thnk?
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I dunno about all that...I'm just going to get the adhisive that works underwater its only 4 dollars for a tube of it... id like to be able to tell if it looks good in the tank without having to keep putting it in and waiting for it to dry....

have you had any luck on finding a book?

sugestion.... if you can't find a book, you said something about being close to gambling? so I assume its casinos....lol I know some of them have huge saltwater tanks for decoration and most of the time if not all of the time they have "tank sevices" that come out and do all of there work...if you look for one of them and call them you may be able to get some info/ tips from them.... although its probly easier just to look it up on here....

is there anything spacific your looking for?
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Oh, the casinos we have here are nothing like the vegas ones. The closest is the one I work at, the Colorado Belle which has a Kois filled moat. They'll be getting rid of them all. Probably between one and two hundred. I'll just go to Hastings. I'll end up ordering the book. Or go the cheap route and just read it in the store ahahaah(they let you do that. They even have coffee hehe)

Good point on the adhesive.
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lol is the colorado belle in colorado? if so I dint realize how close you were to there...I know its the other side of the state but I used to live north of denver....lol

well ive been keeping a written info book type thing that has important info....(like what the ph should be and why, what diseases I should watch out for and how to diagnose and treat.....and all the info on a lot of different fish and anemones and such..... like what type of environtment they need their diet and temperment and max size....alll the info I can find....lol) its the cheapest rout if you have the time....lol
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I'VE JUST BEEN OUT BID! (SOB! as in crying not the accronI'm lol)

(Its in Nevada. I live in Arizona. At the border which is the Colorado River)
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lol I'm so sorry! whens the bid over? do you have the money to bid again?
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The bid is over in five days. I'll keep checking. I have just a little bit more. If I don't see it go over that I'll bid again last minute. Richard told me to watch out for people who do that. Hahahahah now I'll be one of them lol.
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The bid is over in five days. I'll keep checking. I have just a little bit more. If I don't see it go over that I'll bid again last minute. Richard told me to watch out for people who do that. Hahahahah now I'll be one of them lol.

yea that's a good idea, id up it as little as possible about 10 min before it ends.... that should be enough time....lolmaybe you'll get it...whats your money limit if you don't mind me asking?
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Right now, unfoturnately, it will have to be no more than $200. If it goes any higher than that, I can't afford it right now because I also have to go pick it up. That would be in my dad's truck so I'd have to add gas for a two hour trip each way and a meal for two.
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lol I know how that goes....well think of it like this.... even if you loose you can just keep on saving afor the tank and buy everything else you need...I mean you can't have the tank without everything else anyways....lol I'm just gonna keep everything in a couple of storage tubs.... and who knows you may even be able to get a better tank.....lol
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There is already another I saw previously. It is brand new with a black canopy/stand. Except its little under ninehundred dollars. So it puts me back several hundred more. I just don't like to loose because that means not getting my way ahahahahahahah
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lol that's 1.5 times my rent! lol
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Wow! Where do you live? I thnk I'm moving! lol My rent when I had my own place was 950/mth and that is cheap by the area's standards. I think average for U.S. is 1200 or so. Well, for me its good night now. I'm sleepy and I have to back to work tomorrow. One call off is too much already. I'll be dreaming fishy dreams though lol
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lol well that's just for a 2 bedroom apartment....houses rent around here for about 900-2000....lol
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I WAS in a two bedroom... =/
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its just the tank, but my husband can build a stand for it....!!!

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Yayy! I found a manager who is getting rid of his tanks. His roommate said he has a big corner tank he might be willing to give me. I thought about you. I'll find out this weekend. If I can get it and its big enough for you, its yours!
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lol great! lol wait how would I get it? lol
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lol shipping may be high but it would probly be cheaper than buying it new....lol now tell me are you serious or joking, because now ill be planning! lol

oh did you get that message with those links? I don't know if I was doing it right....
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I'm serious. But, first I have to find out if he actually has one, if he is willing to part and if it will be free. Then if you're interested depending on size of tank. If so, just pay for cheapest ground mail delivery. Even if it takes a month because they brought it on a donkey's back, it'll be worth it. Dontcha tink?
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yea it would so be worth it...let me know as soon as you do....lol
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You betcha! And I just read the emails. OMG! That large tease of a tank! How awesome. there is another for $200.. it is.... get thie... A TWO HUNDRED GALLON TANK! I'm melting!

Except, Phoenix is four and a half hours away. Gas and meal included would cost me upwards of three hundred dollars... sigh!
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HOW!!!! I can take a 100 mile trip (2 hours) and only use like 1/4 of a tank of gas....that's like 10 dollars! and a meal would be ten bucks!

so if I made a 5 hour trip id spend like 100 there and back! lol

is gas expensive there? its like 2.50 a gallon here....
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Gas here is an average of 2.70 probably. It would have to be my dad's truck, which is a small 8 cyl, but, an 8cyl nevertheless. Phoenix is not that far away if you would drive straight there, however, there are many twists and turns and mountainous regions to go to. Coming back through all that with added weight won't help either. I wouldn't want to make a trip there and back, though my dad would love it. Even if don't stay over night, that would still be three meals for two. Breakfast and lunch would be twenty some dollars each plus twenty percent tip. Dinner would be thirty or fourty some plus tip. Gas would end up being, probably, one hundred there and one fifty back. Guestimating here (you know how I like to over guesstimate, but, even if you take fifty dollars off and add tank cost... OUCH! I'd almost rather pay freight.)
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lol ok well tell me this.....

flagstaff / sedona

are you close enough to any of these?
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I would put a little more of what we have in our 120g...someday my bf is turning the 120 gallon into a salty. When we aren't living in an apartment and have our own house, then we'll have the space for all the tanks we want.
Good luck on your auction. ;D

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