What Will Eat Snails?

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Ok so new 10 gallon planted tank. Has been cycled. Recently brought water sampws into pet store and water is safe to add fish but I haven't yet because I'm nervous.

Anyways, I have hitchhiking snails. I wouldn't mind keepinf the stowaway ramshorn but the little black pond snails are starting to make me worried. First just one or two but now they're multipling

I don't really want to squish them. I'd rather find something that would eat them. Pretty sure clown loach is out of the question because my tank is too small. Is there anything besides assassin snails that I could have in a 10 gallon that would control the pond snail population? I eventually want to make this a community tank and bring in my male Betta..
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There really isn’t anthing that will properly fit other than assassin snails (other than breaking down that tank and removing them manually :/) ...any particular reason you don’t want to use them?
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Pest snails are actually a really good cleanup crew.
I would keep them.
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Would rather get a nerite snail.. just don't want to a tank of snails haha
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In some of my older tanks, the snail population just levels out when they knew the6 didn’t have enough food to support a giant colony of snails.
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Odessa Barbs and Dwarf Gouramis I believe should eat snails when the snails are small enough.

Currently, when I find a snail (bladder or RH) I try grab it, squish it, and release the remains for the guppies to fight over. Wish guppies learnt to break the shells themselves, because then there's never be snails... I once found a small colony of about 20 snails hiding under my driftwood... scooped them and the substrata below them up with a net and sat 'panning' for snails in a mixing bowl... as I found one, I'd squish it in the tank... the guppies were all lining up for an unscheduled snack.

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If you’re brave enough, you can eat them.

JK don’t eat them.

You can cultivate them and sell them for a decent price and make money off of the snails.
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Oops, sorry, saw you want to have a male betta... both the Barbs and Gouramis are an amber for male bettas...

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I think I've heard that pea puffers are great snail eaters and can fit in a tank that size, never kept any myself though. I'm also not sure if it would be good for your stocking plans, but food for thought
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Ya pea puffers
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I’ve read snails are a blessing in disguise for gauging your tanks overall condition.
An overpopulation of them could indicate over feeding / need for more maintenance. Once I got my algae under control the snail numbers naturally declined, same size tank.
Interested in the puffer suggestions however, I’m upset I don’t have room for loaches myself.
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Not sure about this.
I read somewhere that assassin snails just eat other snails. Then when their food supply of other snails is gone they will die off. Then after the assassin snails are gone you can get the snails you want.
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Young yoyo loaches saved my 60g, but if the snails are smaller than a fully grown ramshorns you're out of luck- though if they are bigger you can use them until the loaches grow too big.
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If you brought a pea puffer in it should get rid of all the snails in a couple of days or a week, But you must remove the puffer and sell it on before you fill your tank with your ideal stock.
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Wouldn't it be a great idea for a LFS to lease loaches to clean up snails? You buy the loach, and can get 75% of your price back if it is returned healthy.


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