What Underwater Camera Or Webcam To Use?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Tank Equipment' started by bigdreams, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. bigdreams Well Known Member Member

    I would like to add an underwater camera to my tank to get better photos and video of my fish. In Joey's ( king of DIY) you tube videos he often has a "fishcam" (though i think it might be a camcorder and not a webcam) Wondering if others have tried this.

    I am working on a raspberry pi project (essentially a tiny internet connected computer) and would like to connect a webcam to it. That would be my ideal use case.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Ed204 Well Known Member Member

    Hi there,
    I think Joey uses a GoPro (Correct me if I'm wrong) to film his tanks. I personally have a GoPro myself however, never used it for aquarium purposes, I use it to record all my adventures on the beach and stuff.

  3. max h Well Known Member Member

    You can use a GoPro, I have one that i have used in the tank, on the dog, boat, guns, scuba diving, and in the car. They actually work great.
  4. Cori Elizabeth Well Known Member Member

    GoPros come with goos attachments to make filming easier
  5. bigdreams Well Known Member Member

    Interesting... ok that would work, but wondering if there's a way to use the picamera I already have. It's a little camera on a circuit board. Maybe I could DIY? Some clear pvc pipe and stick the picamera inside it?
  6. Cori Elizabeth Well Known Member Member

    is it a waterproof camera? you could create a selfie stick kind of thing :)
  7. max h Well Known Member Member

    If the PVC is too thick you may have an issue with controlling the camera. The GoPro wireless connection gives out somewhere before 2 ft of water, we played with that at work one day in the pool just to see how deep we could get it before we lost the connection with a iPhone
  8. bigdreams Well Known Member Member

    It's not water proof. Trying to make it water proof.

    I may just put it inside a zip lock bag for now, and not completely submerge it.