what types of driftwood do clown plecos eat?

  1. fbn

    fbn Well Known Member Member

    I have read that colwn plecos eat wood, but what different types? Oh, and is driftwood many types of wood or many? Thanks!!
  2. Shawnie

    Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    pretty much any wood you put in the tank, they will eat...its a main part of their diet...
  3. sirdarksol

    sirdarksol Fishlore Legend Member

    Malaysian driftwood is probably the most common in aquaria, but there's also mopani, as well as numerous other types of hardwood. Avoid resinous evergreens (they have toxins that protect them against insects but may affect the nervous systems of higher order animals, as well).
  4. B

    Borisbbadd Guest

    I have mopani in mine, and my clown pleco loves it.
  5. OP

    fbn Well Known Member Member

    Thank everyone!