What Type Of Soft Coral Is This? Live Rock Hitchhiker! Question

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  1. JeffScottNew MemberMember

    About a month I set up my first marine tank and used live rock from the Keys. A few weeks after my tank was setup I noticed this small white coral? growing on my rock. Anyone have any idea of what it is?

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  2. stella1979ModeratorModerator Member

    Hi :) Congrats on the salty tank and welcome to Fishlore!:D

    Hmm, I'm from the Keys and grew up snorkeling and diving in the waters your rock came from. I'm afraid to say that I have no idea what your hitchhiker is... Maybe a little more info would be helpful to the next member who sees this. You said soft coral, so I'm assuming it sways in the flow, yes? Does it retract when the lights go off or because of being touched? Does it react to food?

    It looks kinda rigid so my first thought was leaning more towards a type of macroalgae, (they come in colors other than green.;))

    When I get back to my PC I'll have a look art some of my research options but in the meantime you might enjoy a look at my favorite hitchhiker ID source. Search Lionfish Lair hitchhiker ID.;)
  3. JeffScottNew MemberMember

    It does not react to food, light or touch. It does flow in the current so it must be soft. I found several more growing on the back of the rock
    that are a little smaller and one growing in the sand below the rock. Hopefully it will continue to grow and be a nice addition to my tank.
    thank you for helping me.
  4. stella1979ModeratorModerator Member

    I am certainly no expert but from what I know of the local waters, I'm inclined to say that it's likely a plant of some kind. Oooorrr... idk if I should even mention it, but the shape is reminding me of a sea fan/gorgonian coral, but the color, or lack of, is throwing me. Though, I wouldn't be surprised if a type of gorgonian pops up in your tank as they are quite common in the Keys.

    If I had that and was dying to ID it, I think I'd try contacting Mote Marine Laboratory, and maybe KP Aquatics as well. ;)

    I don't know how much I've helped, but you are certainly welcome, and thanks for bringing up an interesting topic.:) I hope you'll keep us updated... even if you don't ID it, I'd love to see what happens as it grows.:)
  5. JeffScottNew MemberMember

    thank you for all your help.