What Type Of Snail?

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  1. MasaNew MemberMember

    Can anyone tell what kind of snail he is? I know the picture is bad, but it’s the only one I could get of him before I had to leave. I really hope he’s not a pest snail cuz he’s really cute, and I’ve already named him...Hitchhiker is just too much of a cutie, but I’ve already got my pink ramshorn in there and I know they’re gonna breed, I just hope it doesn’t get too crazy. Anyway, if anyone could help me identify what kind of snail he is, it would be much appreciated!!!
  2. richie.pWell Known MemberMember

    Croseo welcome to Fishlore masa, the photo as not loaded for me
  3. MasaNew MemberMember

    Thank you for the welcome! It’s weird that the photo won’t load... I got a better look at him today and I think he may be a tadpole snail???? But I’m not sure, he’s just so small.
  4. richie.pWell Known MemberMember

    Try again with a photo
  5. MasaNew MemberMember

  6. banks741938Valued MemberMember

    hard to tell for me but kinda looks like a bladder snail maybe ramshorn??
  7. aussieJJDudeWell Known MemberMember

    Looks bladder to me.