What type of snail should I buy?

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    I currently have a few red cherry shrimp in a live planted 5 gallon aquarium, along with one female nerite snail. I really like shrimp and snails and have no interest in adding a fish to this small tank. Are there any other snail types I can add that won't breed?

    I believe a mystery snail is too large for this tank, and I don't want it eating my plants. I already have a nerite snail and I don't want another nerite to mate with it and reproduce. I looked into Malaysian Trumpet snails and Ramshorn snails, both of which I find really cool, and discovered that they are asexual and will reproduce by themselves.

    So, is there another snail type I can add besides mystery snails that won't breed in my aquarium?

    Bonus question: Are Inca / Mystery / Apple snails the same? It seems people use these terms interchangeable online...
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    Inca snails and mystery snails are species of apple snails so they are like the same. Mystery snails are big breeders having up to 100 eggs in good quality tanks! Mystery snails lay their eggs above the waterline which can sometimes result in them escaping to lay eggs. If you are able to tell the genders of the nerite snails just ask your local store if you can look up close at their stock! I don't think they would say no, but if they do you can use the "return policy" on the males. Oh and nerite snails can't reproduce in freshwater, but need brackish water. But they still can produce eggs that are scattered around your tank leaving you to scrape away the eggs off the glass and plants.
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    Good info here!
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    Thank You MotoDude104!