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    Hey there, I am still waiting for my skimmer I had a Bubble Magnus ordered from a lfs and they keep sending the wrong one, this time I told them not to bother and ill look around. I was looking on ebay and here are some of the brands I have heard of. What is the best. It is a 55g sw, have just polyps in my tank, 60lbs live rock, and sand, stocked with clowns, cardinal, sleeper goby, chromis, and firefish

    Bubble Magnus
    Coral life 65 or 125 or 220g
    or Reef Octopus

    I will be needing a HOB because I do not have a sump, right now I am just running a HOB filter and really want to replace it in the next couple of weeks, my nitrates have been increasing higher than I would like, I do 20% water changes every week and feed lightly once a day. I am not sure if maybe I should up my clean up crew, atm I have 3 astrea snails, and 12 hermit crabs.

    So basically which one of these 4 is better. I want to stay in the $200 zone. Thanks again!
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    This is an excellent skimmer:
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    That Aqua one is very nice and sleek would I want the no pump one or Mj1200. I am hoping they ship in canada. If not I might be restricted to the ones I first listed ;(
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    I am going with the Eshopps 75 but it would be a bit small for your 55. I am getting it because I need a HOB model for my 28G nano. I have had a few people recommend that skimmer and I think they make a larger one for tanks of your size. Marinedepot.com has them the cheapest even beating out amazon which is a rare thing. I am ordering it today and hoping it is in stock. I tried to order it when ordered my Digital Aquatics Reef Keeper but it was out of stock so we will see what today brings.