What type of plants?

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    I was wondering what plants to get for a shrimp tank. Also im new to live plants so if you could recommend easy low light plants that wouldbe helpful. I also was wondering what you could plant them in because I saw some plantedin clay pots. Are all clay pots safe to use.

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    Plants I have in my 10g low-light RCS tank is Dwarf Sagittaria, 1 Cryptocoryne "Florida Sunset", 2 golf ball sized Marimo Moss Balls, Windelov Java Fern, Java Moss, Willow Moss, Anubias Coffeefolia, Anubias nana var. 'Petite', H. Corymbrosa, H. Lancea and Rotala.

    Some members use Terracotta pots which are safe to use in aquariums.
  4. Dolfan

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    Really any low light easy growing plant is great for a shrimp tank, as they help clean the water and keep things stable. Mosses and fine leaved plants also help to create lots of grazing space and protect them when they molt, plants like java moss, hornwort, subwassertang, etc. They also like floating plants like frogbit, anacharis, and anything else you can float like hornwort and water wisteria. Most of the plants I just listed don't even need to be planted, as they are water column feeders. For root feeding plants or anything you do want to plant, any substrate is fine really. If its regular gravel or sand, then just use some root tabs to help fertilize the plants over time. You can also use clay pots as you were asking about. Be sure they are just the regular terracotta pots, with no paint, glue, markings, or embelishements, and you should be fine.

    I sell a few of the above mentioned plants here on fishlore, but I see you only have 10 posts. You need to have 50 to be able to participate in buying/selling here on fishlore, so give me a shout when you hit 50 if you are interested.