What Type Of Fish?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by myrats, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. myratsNew MemberMember

    Putting this in general as its more of I didn't know where to put this.

    I have a 40 gal long tank thats currently housing two smaller size Oranda Goldfish. Once we move the orandas are going in a 75 or 80 gal tank, and may go bigger so I can add two more goldfish (probably ranchus).

    This leaves the 40 gal empty, so what should I put in it? Id rather to get two fish for the tank then multiple small ones, its just the look I like.

    The tank is labeled 40 gallon breeder tank at Petsmart. I just want ideas so I can research the fish, would prefer a fully fresh water fish.

    So again I ask, what could I put in the tank? download (2).png
  2. Caleb SmithValued MemberMember

    Axolotls are a cool option if you are looking for something unique.
  3. JesseMoreira06Well Known MemberMember

    just thought I would add in a 75g tank you can house 5-6 fancy goldfish. I'm a huge goldfish lover and keep many myself.

    for the 40g what are you interested in? anglefish , Electric Blue Acaras, Rams , Apisto, Kribs ,Gouramis ect..??
  4. myratsNew MemberMember

    Honestly don't know just yet open to ideas so I can research and see if that's the right fish for me. I'm also branching out to semi quatics like frogs, turtles etc. Angelfish I'm not keen on, I'd need to get a group let them pair of and sell the ones I can't keep. Plus I've heard they do better in tall tanks.

    I'd like to just get a single pair of fish so something a little bigger. I like how it looks now with just two fish doesn't seem over busy.

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