What type of fish like low ph?


My water has low ph and if possible I want to avoid having to do any special ph stuff


Many lol. How low of a ph are we talking about here? Most South American and Southeast Asian species of fish typically like lower ph, various tetra species, corydoras species, south american cichlids, anabantoids like gourami and betta, probably some loaches. Lower ph have more options than high ph lol.


Many Rasboras too.


Instead of giving a list of fish, I give you a list of habitats. (Listing fish is futile due to mass.)

South America: Almost everything that comes from the Amazon and Orinoco basins. Coastal waters there tend to have harder water, though.
West- and Central Africa: The Congo basin has low pH, the Niger as well.
South East Asia: Most fish from Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and many Indonesian Islands (Borneo, Sumatra).
Oceania: New Guinea has a lot of low pH waters.

Stay clear of livebearers and Rift Lake (East African) cichlids, as well as many Australian Rainbowfish.

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